Using data to stay in the social media spotlight with BL.INK

Using data to stay in the social media spotlight with BL.INK


A luxury Italian fashion house needed branded short links for their SMS and social media campaigns. They had been using for several years and needed a link management platform that would provide them with more functionality and better pricing. But that meant migrating tens of thousands of links!



The migration from to BL.INK happened seamlessly. Custom branded short links boosted brand awareness for this high-end fashion brand while BL.INK’s link management features allowed them to improve and refine engagement tracking.

Growth opportunities


  • High-end fashion house migrates its short links to BL.INK for improved functionality and better pricing.

  • The switch from to BL.INK allowed them to create custom branded short links to send in SMS messages and use in social media campaigns.

  • With BL.INK, this Italian fashion powerhouse,streamlined short link creation, improved engagement, and upgraded its campaign tracking.

How an Italian Fashion Powerhouse Migrated its Short Links to BL.INK to Improve Social Media Engagement and Tracking

A leading luxury fashion brand moved from an inefficient link management system to BL.INK’s flexible, streamlined platform. The migration allowed them to brand short links in customer surveys sent via SMS and track campaign data from multiple social media networks. They also found better functionality, pricing, and governance with BL.INK’s effective platform.

About Our Customer

Our Customer is a high-end luxury fashion house that started as a luggage manufacturer. They also create handbags, shoes, ready-to-wear clothing, makeup, fragrances, and home goods.

Although they are based in Italy, they currently employ over 17,000 people across 487 retail locations around the globe.

They are an industry leader, a household name, and one of the most recognizable fashion brands in the world.

The Problem: The Inability to Brand Short Links and Accurately Track Data

This Italian fashion powerhouse was looking for a short link generator that would allow them to create and manage short, branded URLs. They needed these links both for post-purchase surveys they sent to customers via SMS and for their global social media campaigns.

Social media is an integral part of how this brand reaches consumers globally. They run campaigns on several networks - including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter - so they needed the ability to track engagement accurately across all platforms for optimal effectiveness.

On top of these elements, they needed a way to streamline all of these functions under one cost-effective system, giving them better control over short URLs produced by offices worldwide.

Brand Visibility in China

This exclusive brand has an extensive fan base in China, so keeping visibility in that market was vital. China’s firewall is complex and uncompromising, and in order to remain accessible to consumers, it was essential to ensure their links wouldn’t get blocked.

They required a platform that would accommodate their global outreach and BL.INK was the perfect match.

The Solution: Migrating to BL.INK for Better Features and Functionality

This Italian fashion powerhouse became a BL.INK customer in 2021. At first, they only used the platform for their post-purchase SMS surveys, but after they saw how easy and functional the platform was, they decided to migrate their social media links into BL.INK as well.

The migration from (their previous short link provider) to BL.INK was painless. To make sure nothing slipped through the cracks, BL.INK carried out a manual migration of links first and then followed with an automatic migration.

BL.INK’s CEO, Andy Meadows, explains, “We did both types of migration to ensure that nothing was missed and no links were left behind. We almost always use auto-migration as a safeguard to ensure we never miss a link.”

BL.INK’s link management system provided our customer’s global media team with the short link creation abilities they needed and improved campaign tracking across their social media platforms

1.  Campaign Tracking

In an industry as volatile as fashion, tracking social media advertising data is essential. To run effective campaigns, this high-end fashion brand needed the ability to collect and consolidate that information across all their social networks.

“The main thing they were looking for was campaign tracking. When running all these different campaigns, how do they effectively map the campaign reporting in BL.INK with the campaign reporting in their other systems?” says Andy.

This Customer became a big user of BL.INK’s tags and groups. On the BL.INK platform, users can easily tag and group their links under separate departments or campaign names.

  • Individual users will only see their own tags or tags that have been shared with them.

  • Admins can create shared tags that everyone in the organization can see.

2.  Functionality & Pricing

While campaign tracking gives this company a good portion of the data they need, they also rely on customer feedback from the surveys they send via SMS. Having their brand name in the survey’s short link contributes to creating and maintaining trust in their brand.

Andy explains, “They want more customer feedback post-purchase, so they have a survey series they run. They’re a global brand, so they send large amounts of text messages to people in various countries worldwide.”

He continues, “The best URLs are long and have lots of data to personalize that experience in terms of the language, campaign, and attribution details. Being able to bundle that up in a nice, neat, clean short link is huge.”

The BL.INK platform provided this high-end fashion giant with all the functionality and features they required with a more convenient price tag than

3.  Corporate Control, Security & Whitelisting

With thousands of employees and dedicated teams for social media spread throughout multiple countries, consistency was a key factor. BL.INK was able to streamline our Customer’s processes and give them the centralized control they needed to function uniformly across the board.

Security was also a deciding factor for this brand. Employees worldwide have access to their system, but the appropriate checks and balances need to be in place. BL.INK helped them achieve this by implementing a module called “whitelisting.” It’s a safeguard to keep those that have legitimate access from acting with bad intentions.

If an employee tries to change a link to an unapproved domain, it will get flagged automatically and put on a freeze until it gets reviewed. This monitor provides the company with additional freedom to focus on other tasks.

The Takeaway: A Streamlined Link Management System With Social Media Benefits

Our Customer’s name has always evoked a level of excellence and luxury which they purposely work to maintain. That effort translates to fine details in everything from the clothing to the links they create. BL.INK helped this fashion industry powerhouse stay on brand by customizing short links in surveys sent to customers.

We also allowed them to create more effective social media campaigns by easily and effectively tracking the data on all the platforms they use.

Now, this high-end fashion house has the functionality they need, centralized control, and increased security measures under one convenient link management system. Is your business ready for the same treatment?