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Native Technical Integrations


BL.INK makes other tools work better. If your tool helps streamline work or report on data, let's integrate.

Marketing Technologies: Would your customers benefit from building URLs in their campaign-building, content, or social media management platforms?

Data Analytics Platforms: Every analytics tool works better with consistent, structured data. With BL.INK, users can create their own data templates, required fields, identifiers, and more. 

Marketing Agencies & Analytics Consultants

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If you're advising a large client on optimizing their marketing tech stack, BL.INK can make you a real hero.

BL.INK creates consistent, drama-free marketing data for a full view of campaign, channel, and even offline metrics.

BL.INK is ready for GS1 Digital Links; our QR codes enable brands to capture unlimited data. We're ideating with packaging and printing firms, major CPG brands, and the agencies that serve them.