BL.INK Provides Superior Support

One of the most-frequent compliments we receive from our customers is that we offer exceptional customer service and support – and we’re very proud to do so.

At BL.INK, we strive to provide the best customer experience possible. We want lasting relationships with our clients – so, we prioritize solving their problems quickly and efficiently, while coaching and training them so they’re getting the most value out of the platform that they can.


Navigating BL.INK Customer Service

When you log into the BL.INK platform, there’s a Help button on the left-hand navigation. Clicking the Help button takes you directly to our support articles and knowledge base. We offer many different articles to help walk you through BL.INK’s different features and best practices, and we answer frequently asked questions.

Getting Started

If you’re new to BL.INK, start here. In this category, we offer the basics for users who are starting out with the BL.INK platform.

One of our favorite articles is The Anatomy of a Short Link, where we walk through the different components of a domain, a short link, and some of the key options when creating links with BL.INK.


BL.INK Knowledgebase Search

In the BL.INK Knowledgebase, we offer a global search that allows you to find articles pertaining to your keywords. Whether you’re looking for more information on creating dynamic links, how to create a masked link, or how to compare analytics, we have content to help.


Video Library

Our support center also offers video content, and we’re always adding more content. In the video library, you’ll find videos that help to walk you through different parts of the BL.INK dashboard including importing links, exporting links, viewing analytics, and more.

These videos are quick and to-the-point while remaining informative and helpful for hands-on visualization of the different features BL.INK offers.


Submitting a Ticket

In addition to our extensive library of content, you can easily submit a ticket directly to our support team for any additional questions by clicking on Submit a Ticket in the upper right.

The form will send our team an email, and we’ll get back to you with more information promptly. We pride ourselves on our speedy responses, and our team is very knowledgeable – so we’ll help resolve your issue in a timely manner and send any additional resources if applicable.

If you run into a question, simply submit a ticket – we’re happy to help.

We also receive tickets submitted via email to help@bl.ink.


Tailored-to-you SLAs

If you’re an enterprise customer, you also have direct access to your assigned Customer Success Manager or you can give us a call.

Enterprise customers also have custom SLAs and support levels. If your organization requires a 15-minute response time, 24-hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, BL.INK is able to support you.

Our custom SLAs allow us to ensure that we’re creating and providing support that meets your organization’s compliance needs in every way possible.

If you have more questions on our customer support or want to get more information, drop us an email and experience our support for yourself.

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