Evangelical Megachurch Uses BL.INK's Short Links & QR Codes



An American megachurch knew it had to upgrade its tech to adapt to the changing times. They needed a short link provider that would accommodate over 400 users across multiple locations at an affordable price. With an expanding congregation, they also wanted the ability to incorporate additional features in the future.



BL.INK accommodated our client every step of the way. They started with our self-service module, and over the years, their needs expanded. As they upgraded to the enterprise level, we helped them implement more advanced features like QR codes, short links in SMS messaging, and Single Sign-On service.

Growth opportunities


  • Multi-state US church began implementing short links through BL.INK’s platform.

  • They improved communication within the church and used short links on their social media accounts.

  • Over the years, they upgraded to incorporate other beneficial features like QR Codes and SSO.

How an Evangelical Megachurch Manages Short Links & QR Codes on One Affordable Platform

One of America’s largest churches was looking to implement short links in their practices. With multiple locations in different states, they wanted to use links to improve communication between sites and within their congregation. They also wanted an affordable system to accommodate their large number of users. With BL.INK, they found a cost-effective entry into link management and even picked up a few of our additional tools that proved valuable in their journey. 

About Our Customer

Our client started as a local church in Oklahoma City and quickly became one of America’s largest evangelical churches. They employ between 500-1,000 people across 30+ campuses in multiple states, and over 85,000 congregation members attend their weekly worship. 

They reach followers worldwide through live broadcast services and ministries on five continents. 

The Problem: A Church with Underutilized Outreach

Good communication is crucial to the success of a church, and this organization knew it was missing a valuable opportunity to use technology as an outreach method. They wanted a better way to connect the people within the church and their communities. 

The next step was finding a platform that would allow them to create thousands of short links for social media marketing and internal communications. However, pinpointing a system to accomplish their goals at an affordable price proved challenging.

BL.INK offered everything they were looking for, even some things they didn’t know they needed. As their story unfolded, they began to explore additional tools that opened up new opportunities and improved accessibility.

Hundreds of Users Needed Access

Taking on this new technology meant hundreds of users in different locations would need the power to create short links. They wanted to keep a low accessibility barrier but still adhere to secure, standardized practices. 

The Solution: An Affordable, Efficient Platform for Multiple Functions


When our client first approached us in 2016, they were only beginning their search for a short link generator. They wanted to use custom, branded URLs in anything from social media to promotions. 

They also wanted to make networking between their numerous campuses easier and to delve into how short links could improve engagement with their followers. Initially, they took a self-service approach to these tasks.

With a successful and productive short link integration, they were interested in what else BL.INK had to offer, so in 2021, they upgraded to the enterprise level. The switch gave them the robust features they needed at a cost-effective price. 

1. One Platform for Links & QR Codes

When this megachurch saw how useful short links had become in their outreach, they wanted to explore other avenues. They imagined endless potential uses for QR codes, but when they began researching their options with other platforms, they were left with more questions than answers. 

One QR code management system they considered was Beaconstac. However, the headache and associated cost of doing business with another company just didn’t make sense. They realized they already had everything they required at their fingertips with BL.INK. 

Andy Meadows, BL.INK’s CEO explains, “They were looking at adding QR codes, and we offered the best price point and a unified solution under one roof. So they got to keep their links and expand with QR codes. It was a perfect solution for them.”

Our platform allowed them to use QR codes creatively, like in song sheets, signage, bookstores, and even during worship. With BL.INK, they had all the functionality they needed under one umbrella.

2. Accessibility

As one of the largest churches in America, our client had over 400 users that needed access to short link creation. From youth group leaders to social media and communications teams, staff at every church location would log in daily to use this system. 

BL.INK’s ability to integrate with their Single Sign-On provider made accessibility and onboarding easy and secure. 

3. Pricing

Since our client had so many users and the potential for expansion, pricing was a significant factor. Andy says, “They had hundreds of seats, so they needed something affordable with a large footprint of users.”

When it comes to cost-effectiveness, BL.INK beats out the competition. Plus, we are proud to offer discounted rates for non-profit organizations. 

With BL.INK, this multi-location church found all the features and functions they needed and got it all at a remarkable value.  

The Takeaway: A Platform that Provides a Simple, Affordable Solution to Any Need

One of the US’s largest churches with multiple locations and an enormous congregation knew they weren’t taking advantage of all the ways they could boost their engagement.

They wanted to use short links to improve communication among their large staff and worshipers and increase their social media presence. All they needed was a link management platform to help them make their vision a reality. 

With BL.INK’s structured system they were able to achieve this and more. They found simplified user accessibility, innovative ways to use QR codes, and helpful link management at a cost-effective price. 

Whether your company is new to short links or just looking for ways to improve functionality, BL.INK is with you at every step of your journey. See how our affordable link management solutions can support you and your organization.