Transforming a broken system into a well-oiled machine

QR Codes for Appliances


Our customer, a German home appliances manufacturer, used several outside tools to compensate for features their restrictive QR code system lacked.

They sought a more streamlined and cost-effective approach to give them access to certain features, such as customizing branded short links within



BL.INK’s solution allowed our customer to easily migrate their short links and QR codes onto the platform, providing them with much-needed features including a branded short domain for added consumer confidence and trust.

The ability to customize codes and standardize processes has given this manufacturing giant the freedom and flexibility it lacked.

BL.INK painlessly integrated with the customer’s single sign-on (SSO) provider, allowing for an additional level of security. The solution also proved to be more cost-effective than the legacy tool.

Growth opportunities


  • Home appliance manufacturing giant migrates QR codes onto’s platform for more functionality.

  • The solution strengthens governance and boosts compliance while giving the brand access to much-needed features.

  • The result is a smooth, simplified, cost-effective link and QR code management solution.

How A Global Home Appliances Brand Seamlessly Migrated Their QR codes to BL.INK for Superior Features and Functionality

Home appliance manufacturing giant seamlessly transferred their QR codes onto BL. INK’s easy-to-use platform. The migration allowed for custom, branded QR codes and short links and a streamlined system with critical features, improved functionality, and strengthened governance and compliance.

About Our Customer

Our customer is a global leader in home appliance manufacturing, with 40+ factories in Europe, the United States, Latin America, and Asia.

Founded 55 years ago as a joint venture between two renowned German companies, the business manufactures billions of dollars worth of large consumer home appliances, from refrigerators to smart washing machines.

Along with manufacturing, our customer operates a network of 80 production, sales and service companies across 50 countries, employing 62,000 people.

The Problem: A QR Code Platform Creating More Issues Than it Solves

QR codes are an integral part of our customer’s marketing efforts. They are on everything from product packaging to signage and warranties.

Before making the leap to BL.INK, this home appliances giant, had no way to customize QR codes and short URLs. It became evident that they were missing an opportunity to increase their visibility and trustworthiness by featuring their brand’s name in their short links.

In addition, standardization across the whole company was vital. Employees were using multiple tools to bridge the gaps in their rigid platform, creating a disparity in day-to-day processes.

Considering their old platform’s limitations, subsequent compromises, and rising costs, our customer knew it was time to make a change.

The Demand for Better Functionality

“They had been using [the old platform] for years, but because of the lack of functions and features, people were starting to use other outside tools,” says Andy Meadows, BL.INK’s CEO.

“It did not provide them with enough functionality, and it wasn’t standardized or accessible enough for their entire organization,” he adds.

BL.INK was happy to rise to the occasion and provide them with a short link and QR code solution built for large enterprises like theirs.

The Solution: Migrating Short Links & QR Codes Onto A Single Platform With All The Functionality They Needed

One of the most challenging aspects of the migration to BL.INK was transferring and consolidating thousands of old links. “The biggest thing we did for them was the migration from the old system to the new system,” says Andy.

Although auto-migration is possible for some customers, our customer’s legacy tool did not allow this, so a manual migration of URLs was necessary.

BL.INK facilitated a smooth transfer by adding a prefix to each link so that existing URLs could be easily identified. From there, they created different groups with names based on their previous tags and organized links under each one.

Users can now find all associated links in a category by simply filtering and searching for a tag. Links can also be assigned to owners, so employees can access all the same links they could before under one group.

In addition to a successful migration, BL.INK provided its customer with several other integral services.

Freedom and Flexibility

The need for adaptability and versatility proved to be pivotal. Not only did the home appliances brand want to customize QR codes, but they also required a system that performed all of the other functions they were using outside tools to complete.

“The biggest aspect for them was around the migration and the fact that they were in a rigid, unforgiving, and restrictive system. Now, they’ve moved into something that’s given them much more freedom and flexibility,” explains Andy.

Cost Effectiveness

Of course, cost was also a factor. On top of mitigating functionality issues for its customer, BL.INK also alleviated their financial concerns.

Andy explains, “From a scaling perspective, we provided something that met their needs from a budget standpoint as well.”

Security and SSO

With so many of these links existing for years, consolidating and organizing access to them was essential.

Access to links wasn’t the only thing that needed to be addressed. They also sought to integrate their SSO system.

“Many of our customers with SSO will coordinate with these identity management platforms. You’re automatically provisioned with certain tools if you’re in a certain department or have a certain role. And so BL.INK can be one of the tools automatically provisioned based on your access level.” Andy explains.

“One key opens up all the doors to which you should have access,” explains Andy. “If you don’t use that key, you shouldn’t have access.”

This is important for large enterprises because switching off access to the SSO tool will easily remove access to all the connected applications and tools if an employee leaves the company.

BL.INK uses a third-party authentication service to work with any SSO provider. Andy elaborates, “Whatever system you use to manage SSO, our platform can speak natively to that, allowing us to connect to anyone.”

The Takeaway: Branded Short Links and Streamlined QR Code Customization

A global home appliance manufacturer had an unyielding QR code system that was rigid in many aspects, including the inability to customize QR code short links. Since it couldn’t provide them with all the necessary services, employees were using less efficient outside tools to accomplish the same goals.

BL.INK stepped up to meet all challenges. We seamlessly migrated thousands of links and gave our customer better visibility by featuring their brand name in the URLs.

With BL. INK’s smooth solution to a previously complex QR code issue, the brand now has more time to focus on innovating home appliances.

We’re ready to help you too. See how BL.INK can transform your link management with ease.