Blaze's Texting Service Sends Millions of Personalized Links

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A peer-to-peer texting service had to send out hundreds of millions of messages monthly. They were looking for a link creation platform that would allow them to implement branded short links in these texts on a massive scale. The new system would have to be lightning-fast, ebb and flow with their fluctuating volume, and provide them with data tracking capabilities. On top of this, it needed to be secure, reliable, and affordable.



With BL.INK’s API-driven technology, Blaze, we provided our client with a scalable short link creation solution. Blaze seamlessly integrated into their system, allowing them to swiftly and securely generate millions of branded short links within seconds of each request and all within a fixed 12-hour window each day. With access to data logs and Blaze’s pay-per-link pricing, they found all the features they needed at a cost-effective price. 

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  • A text messaging service needed a way to generate branded short links for their large-scale operation.

  • With Blaze, BL.INK’s high-volume technology, they were able to create an endless amount of short links at the speedy rate they required.

  • They also found other pertinent features like a flexible pricing system and access to raw data logs.

How Blaze Allows a Texting Service to Send Out Millions of Personalized Branded Short Links in a Few Hours

A peer-to-peer texting service wanted to implement branded short links in their messages. With up to 400 million texts generated monthly, finding a platform to accommodate their capacity proved challenging. BL.INK met our clients every need by integrating our proprietary technology, Blaze, into their system. Blaze allowed them to send branded short links on a colossal scale within minutes. 

About Our Customer

This peer-to-peer texting company sends millions of personalized messages on behalf of more than 100 clients monthly, helping grow brands by increasing customer engagement. 

They have two locations, with headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. They provide services for nonprofit organizations, politicians, corporations, retail stores, and more.

The Problem: Branded Short Links in Text Messages on A Massive Scale

The texting company recognized the potential of implementing branded short links in their messages to boost engagement and interactivity. However, they faced a challenge: the sheer volume of texts they sent demanded a platform that could handle their scale. 

In addition to scalability, they prioritized security, dependability, and access to raw data as key requirements. Additionally, speed was a crucial factor that needed to be addressed to meet their business goals along with a load-balanced solution to provide resiliency and reduce latency.

A Small Window of Time

Our client only sends messages during a 12-hour maximum window during the day, so time is of the essence. The turnaround for generating short links needed to be mere seconds, and sending them out the next day wasn’t an option. 

Finding a system that could sustain the volume and agility of their operation was shaping up to be a difficult feat. 

The Solution: A Reliable, Scalable, and Incredibly Fast URL Shortener

With Blaze, our advanced technology for large-scale customers, BL.INK was the only short link management platform that could offer a solution. Rather than a user interface, Blaze automates extremely high-volume short link creation tasks through an API and is optimized for engineers. 

Andy Meadows, BL.INK’s CEO explains further, “Our core platform, BL.INK is like a minivan. It's very comfortable and has many features, but they didn't need any of that. What they really needed was an API-only solution that’s insanely robust. I refer to Blaze as an F1 car. It only goes in one direction, and it goes very fast. You need to be a professional to drive it, and it needs a pit crew, which is the customer’s engineering team.”

Once we integrated Blaze into our client’s system, they could generate endless amounts of short links in the necessary time frame and access crucial raw data. They found the capacity, speed, and security they needed with flexible pricing and plenty of room to grow. 

1. Scale

Scalability was one of the main factors this peer-to-peer text service searched for, and they found it in Blaze. This state-of-the-art short link creation model can accommodate their high-volume level and beyond. 

“Blaze is specifically geared towards those massive-scale types of deployments where all you really care about is generating a large volume of personalized links very quickly,” says Andy.

Blaze allows our client to send 400 million branded short links in their text messages monthly, with the potential to expand on demand.

2. Speed

Not only did this text service need to create a staggering amount of short links, but they also needed to do it in a flash. One of the most remarkable aspects of Blaze is its speed. Now our client can create an insane amount of links in mere seconds.

Andy explains, “It has to feel instantaneous. We have only seconds to generate millions of links and send them back to the customer so that they can send them out the door. So the response time has to be incredibly fast.” 

3. Variable Pricing Model

With different types of companies and organizations using this peer-to-peer text messaging service, the volume of short links they need to create varies every month. With Blaze’s pricing model, they can pay per link generated, giving them flexibility in lower-volume months. 

Andy explains, “We don't care how many clicks you get or how many users you have. It is solely based on the number of links you create. For example, if you're a retail business, you'll send out way more messages during the holiday season than at other times. This variable pricing model allows our clients to scale up when they need to and down when they don't.” 

3. Analytics

Another function Blaze performs for this messaging service is data tracking. Information about how customers engage with the short links gets shared with our client through raw data logs along with processed click analytics. 

Andy says, “They can get the location, the device they’re using, the language, and the timestamp when the click happened.” They can then use this information in targeted campaigns, customer service, and follow-up messages. 

He continues, “If you're running a campaign and sending a text message, and the customer clicks on it, you may want to send them an e-mail as a follow-up. So you need to know exactly who clicks and when they click.” 

The Takeaway: An Affordable Link Creation Platform with Impressive Versatility

When they first contacted us, this peer-to-peer texting service had a problem of massive proportions. They needed the ability to generate branded short links lightning-fast, so they could utilize them in the millions of messages they send out a month. But they were coming up empty-handed when they tried to find a platform to support their size and momentum. 

With BL.INK’s Blaze platform, they found the solution that fit their needs. Our feature allowed them to generate a massive volume of short links within minutes. We also gave them crucial data tracking and the flexibility to scale up or down with our pay-per-link pricing model. 

Our accommodative system integrated with theirs to fill in the gaps where they needed it most and allow them to become unstoppable. Whether you are looking for the approachable minivan of short link creation or need the formula one car for your large-scale operation, BL.INK has a solution for you. See how we can help you get from point A to point B with ease.