Worldwide Social Network Uses BL.INK's Broken Link Monitor



The leading household name in social media was using a link management system that allowed broken links to go unnoticed. Their platform also lacked the capability to track data points accurately or increase accessibility within the company. They sought a short link generator with a simple solution to multiple matters.



BL.INK was able to address all of our client's needs. With our one-of-a-kind link monitoring feature, we fixed their broken short links and prevented others from occurring. By integrating with Khoros, their native customer engagement platform, we allowed them to track and analyze vital data. We also provided them with dynamic link creation and improved accessibility via Single Sign-On.

Growth opportunities


  • World's largest social media platform moves to BL.INK for short link monitoring.

  • BL.INK provides 24/7 short-link care, integrates with the client’s customer engagement tool, and improves accessibility.

  • Our platform provides this social media giant with the necessary functionality and features to avoid future problems.

How the World's Largest Social Network Leverages the Power of BL.INK’s 24/7 Broken Link Monitor

The most widely used social media platform in the world switched to BL.INK to address a significant broken link problem. With our around-the-clock link monitoring feature, they were able to fix the issue and prevent it from happening again. The transition gave them other valuable features, like dynamic link creation and native integration with their customer engagement platform.

About Our Customer

This social media platform is the largest in the world, with over 2.94 billion monthly active users. It had humble beginnings in 2004 as a networking tool for college students, but shortly after opened its doors to anyone above the age of 13 with an email address.

Within a few years, this platform changed the face of the social media industry. It has become one of the biggest companies worldwide and a fixture in billions of peoples’ day-to-day lives.

The Problem: Broken Short Links Going Unnoticed

The staff at this social media giant had been using as their short link management system but began noticing an issue lurking under the surface. As pages like support articles and help desk information got updated, the existing short links that pointed to them would break. Since there was no system in place to flag them, busted links would fly under the radar. 

Two employees who had used BLI.NK at their past jobs knew that we could offer the solution to the problem - a feature that provides around-the-clock monitoring to catch broken links before they become problematic for the public. didn't offer that functionality. In fact, BL.INK is the only link management system that provides this preventive service.

Untapped Data

Broken links were just one of the issues our client was facing. They also needed to improve engagement tracking by using a link management platform that could natively integrate with Khoros - their customer engagement tool. They also found this feature in BL.INK.

The Solution: A Link Management Platform with Exceptional Functionality and Exclusive Features

Our client's journey with BL.INK started in 2020 when they found that our link management platform could meet all their functional needs. The most pressing issue was broken short links.

BL. INK's first initiative was to run a broken link report and begin 24/7 monitoring to stop new ones from occurring.

That was the beginning of what we accomplished for this social media company. From dynamic link creation to implementing SSO, we tackled each matter head-on. With a systematic approach on all fronts, BL.INK was able to distill all of our client's issues into a straightforward solution. 

1. Broken Links Report

The most significant feature this social network sought was the ability to catch broken short links. BL.INK offers a Broken Links Report, a unique add-on module that cycles through all of our client's links (and even QR codes) to flag any issues proactively.  

BL. INK's CEO, Andy Meadows, explains, "Every time we add a link to BL.INK, we automatically check it and then monitor it. We start at the top of the list, run down to the bottom, and keep rolling it repeatedly."

BL.INK is the sole link management system with this mechanism. It's a 24/7 fail-safe feature you won't find with any other link management system.

2. Dynamic Links

With our client operating on a global scale across several device types, there was a need for dynamic link usage in custom campaigns. For example, they might show a mobile user in Europe a different ad than to someone on a desktop computer in the USA. Our platform simplifies geotargeting and can even route traffic by language or device type. 

Andy explains, "They're doing different ad campaigns for different groups, such as mobile versus desktop, throughout varying locations. It gives them lots of flexibility in terms of routing by geography, language, or device."

3. API & Khoros Integration

Another facet of the move to BL.INK was smooth integration with Khoros, which our client already used for customer engagement. 

Integrating the two platforms is instrumental in live chat, where agents point users from one place to another. It allows our client to track a user's path back to a particular conversation which can be extremely helpful for identifying their journey to a solution.

Additionally, they can use our API for some time-saving automation. Instead of generating short links one by one, the system produces them. Andy explains, "If a chat operator uses Khoros to interact with someone, it can automatically shorten links they send to that person directly from their engagement program without requiring a separate, external platform."

4. Single Sign-On

When it comes to accessibility, BL.INK has a level to suit every company's needs. While some situations call for a low barrier to access, our client needed more control. Through our single sign-on feature, they can give credentials to specific company employees instead of sharing them with everyone across the board. 

With this user-friendly function, admins can control who has access to the platform without worrying about passwords or resets. They have the flexibility to add and remove people around the world within set security parameters. 

The Takeaway: A Proactive Platform with Unique Features that Make Link Management a Breeze

The world's leading social media network realized that public links were regularly breaking, creating all sorts of difficulties. Our client needed the inner workings of their platform to function flawlessly, so they could focus on being the face of social media. They found the answer to all of their problems with BL.INK. 

By making the switch to our system, they were able to address their major broken link issue and find preventive care with our unique 24/7 link monitoring. They also gained much-needed data tracking and analysis, governance over accessibility, and dynamic link creation. 

Our proactive approach makes link management easy. We keep the show running behind the scenes and address problems before they arise so you can stand in the limelight. Discover how BL.INK can elevate your functionality.

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