Social Network Eliminates Broken Links Globally by Switching to BL.INK



This household name in social media discovered previously-unknown broken links across its platform after using Bitly as their URL shortener. 

They sought to eliminate broken links, give link-building access across team members, and better track engagements. 



They switched to BL.INK for all their shortened URLs to gain always-on link monitoring (including prevention of all broken links), dynamic link creation for teams that follows their brand guidelines and is secured via SSO, and an integration with Khoros, their customer engagement platform, to track and analyze customer engagement data.

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The team sleeps better at night, knowing their millions of daily users will never face a broken link created by this social platform.

Four Ways BL.INK Improved User Experiences for this Social Network 

The world's most widely-used social media platform switched to BL.INK after discovering multiple broken links undetected by their previous provider, Bitly. Their partnership with BL.INK means broken links are gone forever, but they discovered several ways BL.INK actually serves them better. 

Here are four ways BL.INK drives efficiencies and improves client experiences for this global platform. 

Broken Links Eliminated with BL.INK

This social media giant supports millions of daily users, so they often update support articles and FAQs. Prior to BL.INK, they were using shortened URLs from Bitly, a popular low-cost provider, but when the content was updated, these links were rarely updated. The result? Users found 404 links that lead them nowhere. 

They learned BL.INK is the only URL shortener that provides always-on link monitoring, including alerts for broken links. 

"Every time we add a link to BL.INK, we automatically check it and then monitor it," said Andy Meadows, head of BLINK. "We start at the top of the list, run down to the bottom, and keep rolling it repeatedly."

When a broken link is detected, it's easy for the team to quickly point the existing short link to the right page, all without downtime or data loss.

One Link Delivers Different Experiences for Users

The ad platform for this social network requires flexibility across its global campaigns.

"They're doing unique ad campaigns based on key data," said Andy. "For example, they want to show desktop users one ad, but mobile users a slightly different one. With one link from BL.INK, they can detect these parameters to dynamically serve the right ad, every time." 

BL.INK enables the team to deliver different ads based on other data including geography, language, or even time of day. One short link can be quickly configured to deliver an ad in American English to someone in the U.S., French-Canadian in Quebec, and Spanish in Spain.

Customer Engagement Metrics via Khoros Integration

This company uses Khoros to communicate and engage with their customers, including live chat. The team shares a lot of content and links, but it was hard to identify the customer's journey to resolution of their issue. They used BL.INK shortened links, via BL.INK's native integration with Khoros, to track and measure every interaction, without ever leaving Khoros. 

"If a chat operator uses Khoros to interact a user, BL.INK can automatically shorten links to the content they share with the user without requiring them to navigate to an external platform," said Andy. 

They now have the data structured perfectly within Khoros to measure and analyze their impact across all users. 

Governance to Give Access to the Right Users

BL.INK enabled this company to add and remove users via single sign-on. This security feature ensures that only the trained, approved users have access to creating short links. Admins can control who has access to the platform without worrying about passwords or resets. It's easy to add and remove access around the world through this integration into their existing SSO process. 

The Takeaway: A Proactive Platform with Unique Features that Make Link Management a Breeze

The world's leading social media network realized that public links were regularly breaking, creating all sorts of difficulties. Our client needed the inner workings of their platform to function flawlessly, so they could focus on being the face of social media. They found the answer to all of their problems with BL.INK. 

By making the switch to our system, they were able to address their major broken link issue and find preventive care with our unique 24/7 link monitoring. They also gained much-needed data tracking and analysis, governance over accessibility, and dynamic link creation. 

BL.INK's proactive approach makes link management easy. We keep the show running behind the scenes and address problems before they arise so you can stand in the limelight. Discover how BL.INK can elevate your functionality.

Let's link up and see how BL.INK can help your brand. 

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