In an environment where unpredictability is the norm



Our customer, a top global airline, required a new link shortening and management platform to replace the tool they were using, which imposed restrictive pricing and limited their growth. With operations in hundreds of countries worldwide, the airline needed to effectively create and manage domains for each market.



BL.INK’s multi-domain capability provided a solution for the airline to centrally manage hundreds of domains under one central account. This gave their marketing and social media teams the power to independently control each domain and quickly activate new country and campaign domains and launch short links as needed.

Growth opportunities


  • The world’s fourth-largest airline switched from Rebrandly to BL.INK in search of less restrictive pricing.

  • BL.INK allowed them to manage hundreds of domains under their main brand name.

  • Now, different departments can work autonomously on each -domain while operating under a standardized framework.

  • In an industry where rules, regulations, and even the weather can change at any second, this airline can create and deploy short links as fast as the market requires.

How One of the World’s Largest Airlines Instantly Deploys Short Links & Manages Hundreds of Domains Under The Same Roof

Our customer, the largest airline in the Middle East, switched to BL.INK from Rebrandly, looking for a more convenient pricing model that would allow them to scale. They needed to manage hundreds of domains under their brand name and wanted to be able to instantly create and deploy short links for social media, SMS promotions, and PR communications. BL.INK was a natural fit for them, and the partnership has continued to flourish over the years.

About Our Customer

Our customer is the world’s fourth-largest airline and the largest in the Middle East. It operates more than 260 aircraft and flies to more than 130 destinations across the globe.

Founded in 1985, this airline now employs 45,000 people and is headquartered in Dubai. Last summer alone, they carried 10 million passengers around the world.

The Problem: Managing Hundreds of Domains Under A Scalable Pricing Model

In the rapidly evolving airline industry, where international travel rules and local weather conditions can change quickly, our customer, a leading global airline, sought a dependable link-shortening partner to keep pace. They required the ability to generate and launch branded short URLs with lightning speed.

The airline operates under one branded domain but needed the flexibility to create countryspecific
domains and generate short links within each.

Whether promoting a special deal or updating customers on COVID measures, the ability to
instantly create and deploy and update short URLs was essential.

Restrictive Pricing

When they first reached out to BL.INK, this airline was a Rebrandly customer, but they found their pricing model too restrictive. Adding more domains to their account was so expensive that it started to limit them and became cost-prohibitive.

They were looking for a new link management platform that would allow them to scale at
the pace they needed while providing the functionality the airline industry requires - all at a
reasonable price.

The Solution: BL.INK’s Link Management Platform Gave Them The Flexibility They Needed… And More

The airline industry is unique in that everything can change from one moment to the next. These changes need to be communicated to customers as fast as possible, and branded short links are the best way to do so.

After the switch to BL.INK, rapidly changing information or even developing news are no longer an issue for this customer. If they publish a branded short link on social media and the information on that topic changes, they can quickly go to BL.INK and change where that link points.

“In the airline space, the rules get updated frequently, or there’s new information that’s coming out regularly,” explains Andy Meadows, BL.INK’s CEO. “So they can go into the platform, make changes to their links and instantly point them to the new page with the updated information. They can have a single link that gets promoted, but it’s always pointing to the latest, most up-to-date information,” he adds.

1. Managing Multiple Domains

This top global airline operates in over 130 destinations worldwide and requires the ability to generate customized short links for each market. With BL.INK, this is made possible through our powerful multi-domains feature.

With multi-domains, our customer has one umbrella domain and hundreds of sub-domains operating under the same ecosystem and within the same set of standardized rules. However, each of them can be managed independently.

Not all of these domains are active or in use. However, if someone from the Marketing Department in the Philippines, for example, needs to create and send out a short link within the .ph sub-domain, they can instantly activate it and deploy the link.

“This allows them to have instant access to create these links within these domains with just a few clicks, as opposed to opening up a ticket and routing it through IT and hoping that it gets done in time,” says Andy. “It gives them the flexibility to instantly deploy their short URLs in social media, SMS messages, or even PR communication,” he adds.

Thanks to BL.INK’s multi-domains feature each department can work autonomously on its short links “but always have the same core branding,” says Andy.

2. A Pricing Model That Encourages Growth

Managing hundreds of sub-domains under one roof would have been cost-prohibitive at Rebrandly. However, BL.INK offered a pricing model that encourages growth instead of punishing it.

At Rebrandly, “the pricing model is more restrictive, and so it would have been costly to implement something like this,” says Andy.

“At BL.INK, we are not looking at the number of domains they have in their library, but rather how many links they create across those domains. So we are digging into their utilization versus their capacity to utilize,” he adds.

3. Native Sprinklr Integration

BL.INK’s native Sprinklr integration was another big plus for this customer. The native integration between the two platforms allows data and functionality to flow smoothly between systems without additional software or having to manually intervene.

By integrating BL.INK’s data into Sprinklr, the airline’s marketing department can get more accurate campaign data and “have a single point of record in terms of analytics,” says Andy.

The Takeaway: Quickly and Efficiently Managing Links in an Unpredictable Environment

Our customer, an airline synonymous with luxury travel, found the right partner in BL.INK. They were able to manage hundreds of domains independently, allowing different departments to create and deploy links autonomously under the same core branding and standards.

By doing so, they can instantly communicate to their customers the changes or updates that take place regularly within the airline industry.

BL.INK has allowed this top global airline to improve its customer service and to continue to provide its customers with the excellence they are well-known for around the world.

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