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Introducing the New BL.INK and Sprinklr Integration

In response to customer feedback and requests, we’re pleased to announce that BL.INK is now integrated with Sprinklr. BL.INK is an enterprise-grade URL shortening platform. Sprinklr is the most complete social media management platform, allowing brands to manage customer experiences at scale. This integration brings together the best of both platforms, allowing customers to create and seamlessly manage great brand experiences.


The new BL.INK + Sprinklr integration brings BL.INK together seamlessly with yet another platform that many of our customers rely on every day across their organizations. If you’re using Sprinklr as your social media publishing platform, now you’ll be able to save time, reinforce your brand, drive more clicks, and simplify your reporting.

Easy to use

Create branded short URLs from within Sprinklr, so no more toggling back and forth between tools. This is a huge time-saver—especially for people on your team who manage multiple social media calendars for multiple brands.


Highlight your brand

Create branded short URLs using multiple domains—from within Sprinklr. This means you can now create short URLs using your brand or product names that tell your audience what your content is about, using specific domains that you’ve registered just for this purpose. For example:,,


Multiple users across your organization can create links based on a predetermined set of short URLs with names that represent your campaign, convey a unique message, or share specifics about different destination pages or categories.


Increase engagement

Branded short links have been shown to get more clicks, so creating BL.INK links within Sprinklr can be a great way to optimize your social media engagement. A recent study shows that users are twice as likely to click on links that use real words rather than random strings of characters. They trust the content they’ll find, and the link itself can be a compelling message or call to action. Read the study results here.


Simplified analytics

BL.INK makes it easy to manage your links and track key analytics, all in one place. When you use BL.INK to create short URLs within Sprinklr, you’ll have access to all of those tracking and management benefits. Rather than gathering (and trusting) information reported by various social media platforms themselves, BL.INK gives you a single place to view all of your social media links and analytics.


This integration was developed to help you save time and simplify your workflow. Ready to get started? Learn how to integrate BL.INK into your Sprinklr account.


We’re always expanding our integrations, and we want to hear which integrations would make your life easier. If there’s another integration you’d like to see, please get in touch!

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