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5 Things to Consider in your Search for an Enterprise Link Management Platform

Enterprise link management is more than just URL shortening – and in your search for an enterprise link management solution, there are several things to consider outside of branded short links.

BL.INK has compiled a list of some more common and even some not-so-common considerations to help you land on the right link management platform for your business and use case.


It’s important to start by identifying your organization’s requirements and standards for compliance. Then, with each link management tool, you can compare the measures they take to meet those requirements.

Oftentimes, we see questions about GDPR and CCPA compliance. BL.INK is compliant with both. BL.INK does not have access to any personally identifiable information. However, we do work diligently to ensure compliance with both.

All platform data is maintained in the AWS data center in the USA. Our customer data is never sold, shared, or made public without prior consent.

Additionally, all data is encrypted (in transit and at rest) and requires a valid login to access. BL.INK serves organizations with the most stringent requirements for compliance. Our features, processes, and team were built with compliance in mind.


Compliance and security go hand in hand. Much like compliance, BL.INK strives to prioritize security across all of our plans and features, but especially for our Enterprise clients.

With BL.INK, Enterprise deployments include separate codebases and database instances. Authentication management is handled through Auth0, providing real-time and 24/7 access management.

BL.INK also offers an Enterprise add-on for Single Sign-On, where we integrate account authentication with your internally managed credentials. 

All BL.INK data is secure and can only be accessed with a valid account login. Additionally, we offer tiered permissions so that your organization has control over access levels.

DDoS protection

Malicious parties sometimes target supporting vendors of larger organizations. 

To ensure our customers are protected, BL.INK has deployed the AWS Shield Advanced solution to provide real-time DDoS protections and mitigation support in addition to Web Application Firewalls to further insulate our customers from nefarious traffic.

Platform flexibility and scalability

BL.INK was built for the Enterprise. We’ve experienced firsthand that needs and use cases for link management are ever-changing.

Our platform is AWS-hosted and dynamically auto-scales based on short and long-term growth needs. We also strive to provide ongoing core product and platform improvements immediately – and without additional costs to our clients. 

Scaling both our architecture and our product has created a platform that has served several of our customers through over a decade of growth. Investing in a solution that will stand the test of time provides increased value for our customers and a better return on investment.

Enterprise plans are assigned a client success manager who will be your single point of contact. The client success manager will meet with you regularly to perform business reviews and training. They’ll also help you identify expansion opportunities, customizations, and BL.INK best practices.

When you grow, BL.INK grows with you.

Service Level Agreements

BL.INK Enterprise plans are designed specifically with your organization in mind. We provide tailored-to-you contracts as well as service level agreements to support thousands of users, millions of links, and hundreds of millions of clicks. 

For some customers, ensuring that vendor response time mirrors their own is paramount for compliance and security. BL.INK offers a 24/7/365 SLA with as little as a fifteen-minute response time! 

BL.INK Service Level Agreements

While not every call is a critical emergency, ensuring timely and accurate support is also a critical factor in a trusted partner. BL.INK continues to receive rave reviews regarding our customer service and response times.

When you sign up with BL.INK, we’ll make sure your needs are taken care of – and as they evolve, we’ll be there to grow with you.


What’s important to you in your search for the perfect link management solution? We’d love to hear from you.


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