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6 Reasons Enterprise Teams Love BL.INK

URL shortening platforms aren’t “one size fits all.” While some may be great for smaller businesses, they just don’t meet the needs of enterprise teams.

While BL.INK can be used for all types of businesses, it was developed in 2008 specifically for enterprise clients, with their unique needs for security, service, and value in mind.

BL.INK has robust features at any level, but here’s the functionality that’s available only to our Enterprise level customers:

1. Unmatched privacy and advanced account security

Privacy and security are of utmost importance to enterprise teams. We’re currently serving some of the most security-focused brands, such as a major soda brand. They chose us because we take account security seriously, with third-party penetration testing, customer code audits, and single sign-on (SSO) and multifactor authentication. BL.INK also supports integration with an SSO capable of integration with the Auth0 platform.

If you’re using URL shorteners like Bitly, anyone (including your competitors) can access your link analytics unless you request an expensive configuration from Bitly to make that data private. With BL.INK your link data is private from the start.

2. Responsive customer service

One of the things our customers love most is the personal, responsive customer support they receive at BL.INK. Our average response time is one hour, instead of the one-week response time some of our customers have experienced with other platforms. Once you come on board, you’ll receive strategic consulting to help your organization use BL.INK to the fullest and derive the highest possible ROI.

3. A great value

You have a lot of initiatives and needs competing for your team’s budget. We keep our pricing competitive, and you’ll find that BL.INK offers great value, especially given our comprehensive features and responsive customer support.

4. Editable links

What happens if you publish a link and then something changes — for example, the destination page is no longer live? If you’re using BL.INK, you just log into the platform and simply update the destination page associated with that short link (More on that here).

Other URL shortening platforms don’t have that capability, so you’d need to create another link and manually swap the URL anywhere it appears (and hope it’s not in print anywhere, where you can’t change it).

When enterprises create thousands of links regularly, the BL.INK functionality saves them time and money. For example, when one BL.INK customer, a large consumer goods retailer, integrated 404 reports, they discovered they had over 20,000 live links pointing to destinations that no longer existed. Rather than abandon the valuable click traffic driven by their existing links, they were able to update the destination of each link. This allowed them to capitalize on their existing marketing efforts while providing a better experience for their customers.

5. Real-time analytics and exportable data

Keep up to date with real-time insights into traffic sources, devices, and demographics. Real-time integration with third-party analytics means you can create reports within BL.INK or seamlessly integrate your BL.INK analytics with other campaign data in third-party platforms such as Google Analytics.

6. Lots of optional add-ons

Customize the way you use BL.INK with optional add-ons, such as:

  • Daily 404 reports with a list of any BL.INK links that result in a 404 (Page Not Found) error, helping you make sure that your links work at scale.
  • Advanced account security provides additional security features especially useful for organizations with strict compliance procedures.
  • Audit logs that track transactions including user and timestamp for key account activities, a favorite feature of IT departments.
  • Whitelist domains so users can only create links that redirect to pages on those domains, giving you ultimate control and security of your brand.
  • Single sign-on (SSO) and multifactor authentication for additional account security.
  • E-links allowing non- or partially-authenticated users to request branded short links that point to a brand-approved domain. Give partners, fans, and customer support teams the ability to make links on behalf of your brand without needing to grant full-platform access to each individual user.
  • URL builder to standardize URL construction and analytics tags across your digital marketing team, and allow you to build URLs easily with just a couple of clicks. Replace a manually updated spreadsheet for managing UTM codes and marketing pixels with an integrated and scalable platform.

With features like these and a focus on serving enterprise clients, BL.INK has earned the trust of corporations such as Airbnb, Patagonia, and more. Read enterprise case studies from United Healthcare and TEN to learn how BL.INK has helped them connect with a wide range of audiences and solve tricky business challenges.

Want to see if BL.INK is a good fit for your organization? Request a quote and let's talk.

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