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Client Spotlight: United Healthcare • BL.INK

Client Spotlight: United Healthcare

The search for a flexible linking partner, offering link management, attribution tracking, private analytics, tag management, and more led United Healthcare to BL.INK.

United Healthcare provides health benefits for over 27 million Americans through fully insured and self-funded medical plans. 

It offers consumer-oriented benefit plans and services nationwide for large national employers, public sector employers, mid-sized employers, small businesses, and individuals.

The United Healthcare Challenge

In 2015, United Healthcare was exploring solutions to create branded website links consistently among teams and across multiple web domains. 

It also wanted a flexible technology partner that could provide a robust set of features, including link editing and archiving, dynamic link routing, private metrics, audit logs, and link tag management. Additionally, the platform must serve all brands and business units equally to ensure teams are standardized on tools, processes, and integrations. The answer was BL.INK.

The BL.INK Solution

United Healthcare turned to BL.INK because the platform offered these benefits and more. By default, BL.INK Enterprise offers the ability to support multiple domains across an entire organization by utilizing our multi-user roles.

BL.INK also makes it possible to create consistent, trackable short links using the URL Builder. The URLBuilder offers the ability to build out frequently used UTM parameters within the account settings, making these available to all users across an organization. 

United Healthcare was able to leverage the BL.INK URLBuilder to standardize link creation and management across all departments and vendors around the globe with seamless integration with Adobe Analytics. This ensures that every link, no matter when or where created, follows the same structure and integrates seamlessly with all global analytics initiatives giving United Healthcare the most robust data possible to make critical decisions with confidence and insight.

 “Using BL.INK, United Healthcare can easily create branded website links that, over time, help build trust in the quality and value of the content we share,” explains Joe Curry, Director, Digital Content Strategy. 

“Additionally, the BL.INK reporting dashboard and link data provide confidence in measuring content and campaign performance.”

The BL.INK analytics help clients like United Healthcare to track clicks, dive deeper with insights to their audience, and cross-reference click data from other platforms, like Google Analytics and social media platforms.

Private Analytics

Equally important, the BL.INK platform allows UnitedHealth Group and its other businesses to reap similar benefits of enterprise link management

“The BL.INK platform is a great fit, because it enables us to work rapidly and independently but with greater consistency and quality,” said Curry. “I especially appreciate that BL.INK is very client-focused, and the team eagerly listens to our business needs and offers innovative solutions.”

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Delivering Messaging Campaigns that Click 

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