Collaboration in marketing campaigns, QR codes, & link management

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Collaboration in marketing campaigns, QR codes, & link management

In enterprise organizations, it is critical for departments and brands to communicate and coordinate with each other effectively and efficiently. Utilizing a platform that allows you to create and manage short links and QR codes for marketing makes it easy to collaborate in marketing campaigns! BL.INK branded short links enable you to create short, trackable URLs that can be used in ads, emails, and social posts — making them easier to share, remember, and track engagement with your audience.

Similarly, our QR codes for marketing let you quickly generate short, branded, and trackable QR codes that can be used in print material or display ads.

By leveraging short links and QR codes for marketing with BL.INK, your departments, and brands can work independently while still maintaining standardization across all of your campaigns. Plus, our engagement tracking tools make it easy to monitor and assess performance, so you can get real-time insights into how your campaigns are performing.

Benefits of standardization in short link and QR code creation

There are many benefits to using a link management platform, including link shortening and engagement tracking for any marketing campaign. Short links (also known as short URLs) are great for shortening long, unsightly web addresses that are not conducive to sharing or memorizing. They allow you to maintain tracking parameters without having to share bulky links directly with your audience.

With branded short links, you can easily share them with your customers with confidence in the accuracy of the link. Additionally, branded short links help to promote your brand and increase trust with your audience.

BL.INK also offers the ability to create custom QR codes to boost your marketing efforts. Because the QR codes are tied to your short links, the destination is always editable with BL.INK. So, if the content behind your link or QR code changes, you can update the destination with just a few clicks.

Additionally, BL.INK's URLBuilder allows multifunctional teams to standardize, analyze and optimize paid advertising, email, SMS, and other digital campaigns. The URLBuilder offers the ability for admins to build out frequently used UTM parameters within the account settings, making these available to all users across an organization.

This ensures that every link, no matter when or where created, follows the same structure and integrates seamlessly with all global analytics initiatives giving you the most robust data possible to make critical decisions with confidence and insight.


How to increase collaboration while still maintaining brand guidelines

BL.INK is an ideal solution for a multi-divisional organization with different teams, departments, and brands working independently. For example, each brand can create short links and QR codes fitting their branding guidelines while still following the same corporate governance and standards. This way, every link and QR code follows the same "formula" and can easily be tracked and analyzed.

Using a link-shortening platform like BL.INK also helps to improve collaboration between teams by streamlining the link management process. With features such as groups and shared links, analytics tracking, and real-time campaign performance, your team will have all the tools they need to stay on top of their digital and physical marketing campaigns.

Moreover, BL.INK's redirects allow you to create short URLs that are not only short and sweet but also ensure your short links always lead to the most up-to-date destination. You can quickly update any short link or QR code destination whenever necessary, ensuring your audience is always directed to the most current content.

BL.INK helps you maximize your marketing efforts, streamline link management processes, and ensure consistent brand standards across departments, teams, and campaigns. Leverage editable and trackable short links and QR codes for maximum engagement tracking and optimization!

How BL.INK can help you implement a successful marketing strategy

BL.INK provides the tools to help you implement, manage, and monitor successful marketing campaigns. Short links and QR codes help make your digital content more visible and engaging while ensuring that all campaigns follow the same branding guidelines and the correct tracking parameters.

Use BL.INK analytics to gain real-time insights into how your campaigns are performing. We offer location, device, and referrer information. BL.INK can also integrate with your third-party analytics tools to help you gain more in-depth information from your campaigns.

Groups and shared links allow users to work together on link management, ensuring that no link falls through the cracks. Members of a group can view and edit the link, or access the analytics for a link to increase your team's efficiency and collaboration efforts.

In addition to groups, BL.INK offers tiered permissions levels so that every user has the access they need. From users to reporting administrations, to account administrators, you'll always have the control and flexibility you need to ensure that your short links and QR codes are up to date, meet your branding guidelines, and your campaigns are performing optimally.

Harness the power of short links and QR codes with BL.INK to create successful marketing campaigns for every brand, every team, and every department under your organization.

Link management, branded short links, and QR codes can all be done under one umbrella with BL.INK. BL.INK allows your users to effectively and efficiently collaborate on link creation, QR code creation, link management, and campaign tracking! Plus, you're able to manage your frequently used tracking parameters directly within BL.INK helps your teams, departments, and brands maintain corporate guidelines and standardize their campaigns to ensure the best possible results and the most in-depth analytics.

Sounds like a dream come true? We think so too. Let's link up.

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