Segment your short links by market with Market Domains

Segment your short links by market with Market Domains

BL.INK is ecstatic to announce the rollout of a new feature: Market Domains. Market Domains allow BL.INK users to add a base domain AND the market prefix as a separate domain in their account. For example: Corporate: France: Spain: Germany:   Each of these variations is added as a separate domain […]

Multiple domain names to enhance your brand

Enhance and amplify your brand using multiple domain names

It may seem counterintuitive to use more than one domain name for your brand, but using multiple domains can actually give you the flexibility to differentiate and stand out online with a more clear and consistent brand presence.     With hundreds of domain extensions to choose from, as well as using BL.INK branded short […]

Branded short links in BL.INK

How to choose the perfect domain to use for branded links

You’ve seen legacy short links in the wild, on Twitter and Instagram. Random, forgettable gibberish, you can track them, but they do nothing when it comes to building your brand or a meaningful connection to your audience. More and more brands are customizing their short links with their brand and key messages using real words, […]