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Creating Branded, Personalized Short Links with BL.INK

Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Salesforce’s infrastructure has grown rapidly since its inception, and with its growth comes more advanced tools to aid in micromarketing, data analysis, and personalization. One such tool is AMPscript.


According to Salesforce’s developer documentation, AMPscript is a scripting language that allows users to embed code within messaging, emails, and push notifications. It allows users “to render content on a subscriber-by-subscriber basis.”

It’s especially useful to create content that’s personalized for the individual consumer, paving the way for more effective, results-driven campaigns.

While Salesforce continues to scale and evolve with unprecedented speed, AMPscript simplifies the integration with other tools allowing streamlined access within the complicated Salesforce ecosystem. In order to deliver personalized content and individual links for each contact, AMPscript can be easily connected with BL.INK to make links more clickable for emails, text messages, and push notifications.

Creating personalized links for each individual consumer

BL.INK has been in the business of shortening links since 2008 and our API has continued to grow with us — continuously expanding to meet the needs of our many different clients. 

Our v2 API, while not the most recent version, allows users to connect with Salesforce and AMPscript to shorten links and offer a more personalized experience with smarter links for your individual customers. 

BL.INK clients may use the v2 API to create personalized and actionable links directly from within Salesforce through the AMPscript language. Our v2 API is fully supported and serves millions of requests each day across a number of clients and campaigns. 

For example, while interacting with a customer, a sales rep wishes to send a text message to a client with a custom survey. This survey link includes numerous web analytics parameters that communicate the campaign, product line, and sales offer. While rich and robust with information, it is also lengthy – far too long for a text message.

Using AMPscript, a Salesforce developer can quickly and easily integrate a custom link request into the communication template to shorten this robust survey link into a branded link, including all analytics variables and tracking parameters. 

The customer instantly receives a personalized text message including a one-to-one short link. The BL.INK API can also query to find out if or when the recipient clicked on the message for appropriate follow-up engagement.

Using the BL.INK API

With the v2 API, BL.INK users will need to request the API key from our support team. BL.INK users may use the v2 API for AMPscript while simultaneously utilizing the v4 API for other tools, integrations, and use cases.

When sending a URL from Salesforce, all you need is the BL.INK API key. You’ll simply send the long URL (the destination), and BL.INK will return the short URL right back. It’s like a game of ping-pong – sending URLs back and forth with ease. 

Super easy. Super fast. Super efficient.

BL.INK’s v4 API has its own benefits, but for this particular use case, the simplicity of the v2 API makes creating personalized short links a breeze.

Request a quote today to find out how BL.INK can improve your link-shortening process.


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