Six Cool Things To Do with Links on Twitter

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Six Cool Things To Do with Links on Twitter

In late 2017, Twitter doubled its character limit from 140 to 280, giving users more room in their messages than ever before. Even with twice the characters, it’s important to be purposeful and make your Twitter “real estate” as meaningful as possible.


When it comes to sharing links on Twitter, that means using short links with real words. Instead of relying on Twitter’s built-in link shortener, which translates links to short gibberish, create memorable links using real words with BL.INK. Research shows that users are twice as lightly to click on short links using real words. With shorter links that tell a story, your Twitter posts will get more clicks.


Here are six cool things you can do with BL.INK links on Twitter:

1. Mask a URL to another Tweet

A great tweet may easily get buried in the Twitter feed by more recent tweets. By linking back to older posts in new tweets, your audience will be less likely to miss them.


But remember, a link to a tweet looks like this: It’s long and meaningless. Using BL.INK, you can generate a branded link, like this: Now it’s easy to read and provides context.


Using short links in tweets is not just useful for old tweets, but also for any link you share on Twitter.

2. Give a Twitter Moment Meaning

Twitter Moments are creative stories made of multiple tweets, compiled into a chronological timeline, and individually titled and tagged.


Moments are great for highlighting current and past marketing campaigns, making it easy for audiences to follow your brand narrative on Twitter.

Twitter moment

To create and share a Moment, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click the Moments tab on the left of your profile, then select “Create new Moment”.
  2. Title your Moment, add a description, and choose a cover image or video from your library or Twitter media uploads.
  3. Curate the tweets that are going into your Moment. You can find tweets from your Likes, Twitter search, individual accounts, or add tweets with a link.
  4. Once you are satisfied with your Moment and your tweets within it, publish it.
  5. To share your Moment as a link, find its URL. On desktop, simply use the address bar, and on mobile, tap the share icon.
  6. Select either “Tweet this Moment” to create a tweet with the link for the Moment embedded or copy the URL link to compose and share the link manually

Afterward, you can give your Moment a meaningful BL.INK short link. When you share your Moment, readers will understand what it means.


3. Maximize Your Space for Brand Presence and Storytelling

By creating custom short links with real words, you can drive engagement by making your link a call to action (CTA). For example, this tweet translates a long url to a CTA “” and shows the reader exactly what to do.

CTAs are directive – such as “get started”, “subscribe” or “register today”. If you want your audience to click a link, why not make your CTA the link itself?


4. Include your landing page – organically

Another great way to make the most out of your space on Twitter is by linking to a landing page. There, your audience can learn more about current campaigns or your brand, or you can redirect them to your other content.


Instead of paying for engagement and clicks, try re-using a popular or trending hashtag. Contribute relevant, branded content with sleek, organic, CTA-style links for a no-cost method of easy engagement and brand awareness. Check out this leverage of a promoted post:

need a logo

5. Make links adaptable to Twitter and other social media

Unshortened links are automatically turned into a proprietary Twitter short link, with the domain as a prefix. However, custom short links can be typed into your tweets and will be displayed to your audience.


Using custom short links for tweets is not just useful for sharing them on Twitter. By using BL.INK to create links, you can use the same link for other social platforms to establish a cohesive brand presence.


6. Use a memorable link in your bio

The #LinkInBio (your link in your profile or “biography”) is among the first things audiences see when they visit your Twitter profile. Since only one link is allowed in your profile, update your link regularly to coincide with marketing campaigns. Use memorable links to share your highest-priority destinations.  

BL.INK Twitter Profile

Use a sleek branded short link to increase the memorability of your profile link.


Reach your Twitter following with BL.INK

While Twitter gives you the freedom to share links however you like, your links may get lost in the never-ending flood of tweets. Make sure all tweets maximize your click potential by shortening links with BL.INK.

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