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BL.INK Announces New Platform Accelerating Global GS1 Adoption

BL.INK Announces New Platform Accelerating Global GS1 Adoption

An all-in-one solution for UPC barcode transformation lets brands quickly capitalize on increased consumer engagement opportunities 

June 4, 2024, Austin TX - Today, BL.INK, the Enterprise Link Management company, is the first to deliver turnkey SaaS (Software as a Service) technology that enables brands to deploy GS1 Digital Links at scale quickly. The company combines its established link and QR code management capabilities with a new no-code Content Management System (CMS) functionality that can create millions of data-driven, mobile-ready microsites in minutes. This announcement coincides with the opening of GS1 Connect, the annual GS1-US conference starting today in Orlando, FL.  

BL.INK CXP (Consumer Xperience Platform) is purposefully crafted to seamlessly integrate GS1 standards, Digital Link, and Digital Product Passports (DPP) into its Enterprise Link Management platform.

As the UPCs (one-dimensional barcodes) are retired, the GS1 Digital Link (two-dimensional QR codes) will deliver unlimited product information, supply chain data, and opportunities for first-party information capture—directly from every product or package. Using BL.INK CXP, global brands can dynamically build mobile-ready destinations for each product, SKU, and serial number. BLINK’s unique capability allows consumers to rate, purchase, recycle and access custom multi-language consumer experiences from GS1 data and internal systems to enrich every product in the market. 

Billions of Products Enriched with GS1 Data

BL.INK CXP is a no-code CMS based on technology created by Rexidy, founded by Mikael Runhem, the CMS scion who founded EPiServer in the 1990s, now re-branded as Optimizely. 

“Partnering with BLINK, a leader in the Enterprise Link Management space, has been a pivotal step in advancing our mission to innovate the consumer experience market,” said Mikael Runhem, Founder and CTO, Rexidy. “BLINK’s expertise in managing extensive and complex digital ecosystems aligns perfectly with our vision for GS1 Digital Link and Digital Product Passports.” 

BL.INK CXP pulls data from the Global GS1 database and across the client’s organization into customizable templates that deliver data and advanced functionality via a mobile-ready microsite. Consumers can purchase spare parts, opt-in for discounts or loyalty programs, and register their products on these microsites, accessible directly from the product’s QR code, without downloading any app. BL.INK CXP can deliver consumer-ready experiences faster than any CMS and integrate directly with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and other supply chain tools.

Empowering Enterprises with Links That Last Decades

BL.INK has a longstanding reputation for delivering smart links and QR codes built to remain functional and resolve accurately for up to 50 years. This new platform is tailored to support GS1 adoption, catering to organizations with extensive product ranges, compliance or intricate multi-brand requirements. 

With dedication to advancing supply chain transparency, traceability, and sustainability, BL.INK CXP sets a new standard as the first CMS tailored to empower businesses with the transformative capabilities of GS1, Digital Link, Digital Product Passports, and connected packaging.

“BL.INK CXP is committed to enabling global standardization and compliance by delivering a solution that speeds the transition from UPC/EAN to GS1 Digital Link,” said Christopher Justice, Chief Operations Officer, BL.INK. “The platform is built on over 30 years of industry expertise, ensuring scalability and the fastest path to the consumer and producer value inherent in GS1." 

BL.INK CXP is now available as a cloud-hosted SaaS platform with global data residency or installed within any on-premises data center, ensuring compliance with unique security and data governance policies. Please visit for more information. 

About BL.INK

Founded in 2008, BL.INK is a leading Enterprise Link Management platform dedicated to enhancing customer experiences for the FORTUNE 500. BL.INK enables organizations to use branded links, custom QR Codes, comprehensive link management analytics, and mobile microsites at scale to engage customers, deliver critical information, and optimize customer-centric online retail experiences. BL.INK is the choice of leading enterprises aiming to navigate the complexities of digital transformation and international standards. BL.INK is dedicated to advancing GS1 Digital Links and Digital Product Passports, ensuring unparalleled traceability, transparency, and consumer trust for global brands.

Delivering Messaging Campaigns that Click 

In today’s market, standing out and being heard is on every marketer’s mind. BL.INK has compiled best practices across a number of customers to share the key elements of success that differentiate the best from the rest.