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Better Data Improves Marketing-Sourced Revenue, Marketing Credibility


Smart, data-driven marketing not only boosts your marketing team's credibility but also bolster your  standing in the executive and finance teams' eyes. How? Through impeccable attribution data that showcases the undeniable ROI of marketing initiatives.

The Challenge: A Quest for Perfect Attribution

Room & Board was on a mission. Their goal? To dissect and understand the impact of each marketing maneuver on their bottom line. Imagine the power of knowing whether a particular page of a catalog or a specific corner of a store nudged a customer towards a purchase. That's the level of insight Room & Board craved.

Their arsenal? QR codes and shortened URLs spread across catalogs, in-store signage, social media, and digital campaigns. Yet, this wasn't just about slapping a QR code on a catalog and calling it a day. Room & Board needed a robust link management solution to refine customer experiences and optimize marketing investments continuously.

BL.INK: The Game-Changer in Link Management

Enter BL.INK Enterprise, chosen by Sam Valind, Senior Data Analyst at Room & Board. BL.INK wasn't just a tool; it was a transformational force, offering personalized support, swift implementation, and the holy grail of data standardization. Read the full case study here. 

The Results: A Symphony of Success

  • Tracking and Enriching Customer Interactions: BL.INK's nuanced tracking capabilities allowed Room & Board to delve into customer intent through QR codes on in-store signage, paving the way for targeted marketing communications.

  • Enhancing Employee and Customer Experiences: The elimination of manual QR code checks saved countless hours. Moreover, the eradication of broken links ensured seamless customer journeys, reinforcing Room & Board's dedication to excellence.

  • Optimizing Digital Ad Spend: By eradicating broken URLs, Room & Board not only enhanced campaign performance but also conserved significant marketing dollars, highlighting the financial prudence of their strategy.

Cementing Marketing Credibility and Team Morale

Perhaps the most striking outcome of adopting BL.INK was the bolstered credibility of the marketing team. With data at their fingertips, they could directly correlate their efforts with revenue generation, securing their position as a pivotal growth lever within the organization. This clarity and recognition led to an uplift in team morale, as marketing professionals saw their work accurately reflected in company achievements.

BL.INK: More Than a Tool, A Partner

Sam Valind's praise for BL.INK's customer service underscores a partnership built on mutual respect and a shared goal of excellence. BL.INK's commitment to Room & Board's success is a testament to the transformative power of a well-chosen link management solution.

The Bottom Line: Data-Driven Marketing Excellence

Room & Board's journey with BL.INK is more than a success story; it's a blueprint for marketing excellence. It demonstrates how the right tools, combined with a visionary approach, can elevate marketing from a support function to a strategic powerhouse. As Room & Board continues to refine the art of customer engagement, one thing is clear: in the realm of modern marketing, data isn't just king. It's the architect of empires.

Read the full case study here. Want to learn how BL.INK can help you deliver perfect marketing attribution data? Let's talk. 

Delivering Messaging Campaigns that Click 

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