BL.INK: Scalability In Action

BL.INK is a dynamic platform that can easily scale and expand with your organization to ensure that we can optimize your performance at every stage of growth. Whether you’re scaling largely over time or you’re sprinting right out of the gate, we’ll be here to support you.

We protect our customer data, and we would never share anything without permission. That said, unfortunately, we’re unable to demonstrate our clients’ accounts with images for this article. But hopefully, our words will help paint a picture of how we’ve helped customers scale over the years.

Tried and True Results for Our Clients

BL.INK has been in business since 2008, and we have many incredible (and well-known) clients that have been with us from the start. We’ve been able to meet and exceed their needs and demands over the years to ensure that every time they have an idea, campaign, or opportunity, BL.INK is able to respond, implement, or integrate quickly and efficiently.

The longevity in our customer relationships has proven how the BL.INK platform has evolved over the years to become the only link management platform that our customers will ever need.

One Platform for all of your Tools

We offer a ton of tools to our clients. We often hear questions about the need for a link management platform. People say “We already have a social media platform,” or “our email system already sends out links.”

Part of the challenge with some of the existing tools in these people’s workflow is that every single platform sends out links using different systems. So there’s no centralized location to manage, edit, or track all of the different links.

BL.INK solves that problem by offering a centralized, easily-accessible platform where you manage, monitor, and measure all of your organization’s short links.

We’ve also had customers that have switched from one social media management platform to another. This can be challenging if all of your short links are managed in that one platform. How do you migrate smoothly without losing links? The existing platform owns the links.

When customers use BL.INK while switching from one platform to another, they can connect both platforms directly to BL.INK. If they disable one, all of those links are still in BL.INK, still active, and can forever be accessed by your team for historical data.

This allows the new system to start creating links going forward, while the existing links are still available and still redirecting – so there’s no down-time while switching between tools.

Countless Campaigns for Every Team

Many of our larger organizations will run multiple campaigns at once. Sometimes, there are dozens or hundreds of brands around the world, with hundreds of thousands of users. They are simultaneously running campaigns in different brands, with multiple agencies, or internally, in separate departments.

BL.INK supports the needs of each campaign, no matter where they’re running in the world – whether they’re in Europe, China, or North America.

We Handle Clicks at Scale

BL.INK has several customers who have a significant volume of click traffic. A single link posted to a social media campaign or blasted to SMS can gain tens or hundreds of thousands of clicks very quickly. BL.INK will support and redirect every single click.

We can scale up instantly to ensure that no click hits a dead-end. Whether it’s 100,000 clicks or just 1,000, we’ll meet your needs and redirect your audience with ease.

From One to Thousands of Users

Although we have some customers that occupy only a few seats in the BL.INK platform, we have several organizations that have thousands of users. In the second scenario, everyone in the organization has access to BL.INK and can create their own short links internally, across teams, and with customers.

When every employee is using the same tool, everyone has the same value, the same functionality, and the same ability to perform at their highest level.

Putting BL.INK in the hands of every user inside an organization is not only feasible and simple to implement, but it’s also affordable with our pricing options.

These are just a few of the different ways that BL.INK can scale and grow with your organization. Whether it’s out-of-the gate growth from day one, or you’re scaling strategically over time, BL.INK has you covered.

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