Integrating Links in Retail Signage

Building a Branded Link

So to start out with, we’re going to come in here to your BL.INK accounts,

Begin with selecting your domain. We’re going to create a new branded link, and I’ve got an example URL here.

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I’m just going to put in a link to one of our blog posts as an example. You can see there’s quite a few characters here.

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When I type this in, by default, it has a randomized keyword. We’re going to go ahead and put in a call to action here. So we’re going to call this “holiday” as an example. So I’ve got my So very short, very simple, very easy to see, very easy to type, is a keyword that’s recognized.


Inside of BL.INK, our keywords are not case sensitive. So whether I type in a capital H or a lowercase ‘h,’ it makes no difference to our platform. So if somebody happens to have their caps-lock on, on their phone, that’s fine. If they don’t, that’s fine too. However you want to structure, that works out great.

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So here in our description, I’m going to say, this is our holiday blog post.

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And then over here on the right hand side, I can choose to share this with my groups.

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I can tag this based on a campaign or based on a particular event.

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I can make it to get notified when somebody actually clicks on this. A lot of times we have links that are created well in advance. So you might create this link days, weeks, or months in advance of when it’s actually going to be printed and placed in-store. And so I’m able to get notified when somebody actually clicks on that. So I know that my campaign is live and it’s out there in the wild. So if I turn on notifications, I’ll get an email for the first 10 clicks to come to this link.

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My redirect type, here.

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Then our actions: maybe this action only is valid [during a certain time frame]. This link will expire on January 1st. So I want to automatically choose to archive this link, based on that date, I can do that as well. So a lot of different options of how we create that link. I would just click on the save button, and now my short link is going to be ready.

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