When Is the Right Time to Upgrade Your Link Management Plan?

Timing is everything, especially when it comes to upgrading your BL.INK plan. While upgrading too early could mean you’re paying for features and functionality you don’t need, waiting could be costing you even more in terms of valuable time and resources.

Flexible plans for businesses of all sizes

To make your decision easier, we’ve created a range of plans that scale when your business does. You don’t need to be a giant corporation to benefit from a higher tier. In fact, if you don’t re-evaluate from time to time, you could be missing out on options you didn’t even know were available.

Many entrepreneurs and smaller businesses see tremendous value from the features in our mid-tier options, such as the ability to create links on multiple domains and use advanced campaign tracking. Mid-sized businesses love being able to easily manage multiple users and consistently represent their brand using branded short links. And large corporations or companies in highly regulated sectors like the financial industry appreciate the extra security and privacy they get from the Business or Enterprise plans.

Here are some of the most common reasons to upgrade:

For solopreneurs and small businesses:

  • You want to use more than one domain. BL.INK allows you to purchase as many domains as you want, so you can use different domains for different departments, campaigns, or offerings.
  • You want more in-depth analytics. Ready to get even more valuable insights from your metrics? SMB, Team, and Business level plans allow you to track device type, tags, referrers, and geographic data so you can focus your resources where they matter most.
  • You want to have multiple people access your BL.INK account. Give access to your virtual assistant, your marketing team, consultants, agencies, and anyone else who’s going to be creating or tracking links on your behalf.
  • You make A LOT of links. If you’re going to make more than 1,000 links in the lifespan of your business, it makes sense to upgrade to a plan that includes anywhere from 10,000 to 500,000 links.
  • You manage multiple marketing campaigns. Grouping and tracking your links by campaign is a huge timesaver over manually sorting the info from one long list of links. Save time and reduce reporting inaccuracies with this built-in feature.

For mid-size and larger businesses

  • Your business is growing and scaling. BL.INK upgrades give you the benefits of using one solution across your entire organization, so you don’t end up with people creating rogue links on multiple link platforms, diluting your brand, and skewing your analytics.
  • You need multiple people—across multiple teams—to use BL.INK. Users across teams can create consistent links, access reports, and track analytics from a central location.
  • You want to protect your brand. Using branded short links keeps your branding consistent and ensures that your competitors aren’t buying domains under your name and using them in ways that hurt your brand. (More on that in this post.)

Considering an upgrade? Choose the BL.INK plan that’s right for you. 

When would an Enterprise plan be best? 

Have more advanced needs? BL.INK was originally created for the enterprise, so you’re in good hands. You’re a great candidate for an Enterprise solution if:

  • Your organization requires compliant tools. BL.INK offers security and IT compliance and reporting for the enterprise.
  • Your organization is in a highly regulated sector, like the financial industry. BL.INK meets rigorous security and compliance standards and keeps your link data private.
  • You need custom integrations. Our engineering team is happy to help with integrations or customizations to fit the needs of your particular organization.
  • You’re interested in one of our enterprise add-ons. These enterprise-focused solutions are available à la carte:

Whatever your needs, BL.INK has you covered with flexible options and generous customer service, and we’re happy to help you upgrade when you’re ready.

Contact us to request an enterprise quote, or manage your plan within your existing BL.INK account.


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