What is Enterprise Link Management?

What is Enterprise Link Management?

Enterprise Link Management is more than just URL shortening — it allows users to collaborate efficiently, organize links, analyze data, monitor activity and campaigns, connect with other platforms, all while keeping their data secure.

The BL.INK link management platform has evolved since 2008 by focusing on the features our customers need most. We know that every organization has specific needs that go beyond branding and link shortening

BL.INK is the most flexible and customer-centric link management solution on the market. And our customers agree — BL.INK leads with the best support and easiest admin in the industry.

Our world-class link management platform integrates with other tools like Khoros and Sprinklr, feeds data in real-time to analytics platforms like Adobe and Google, supports multiple users, teams, and brands, and has enterprise-grade security to meet the compliance needs of the most stringent, highly-regulated industries, and is incredibly intuitive and easy to use.

BL.INK is built for the enterprise — and we understand that enterprise organizations need more than just short links.

Collaboration across multi-user, multi-team, and multi-brand organizations

BL.INK offers the ability to easily and efficiently collaborate with other users, teams, and brands under your organization. When employees, teams, agencies, and vendors around the globe need a unified, multi-brand platform to create the perfect link, BL.INK delivers on each point with ease and experience.

Additionally, BL.INK’s URLBuilder enables users to create ideal attribution strategies and build out frequently used tracking parameters within the account settings, making these available to all users across an organization. URLBuilder helps to standardize URL construction and analytics tags across your teams and makes building URLs a breeze.

Our customers frequently started with complicated spreadsheets to build and manage analytics parameters. Once they standardized on BL.INK, every vendor, team, and department is now working in harmony to create the perfect link and amplify attribution data for their analytics teams. This provides a better allocation of budget with clarity and efficiency for all parties.

Unify every engagement across every team, campaign, and product with BL.INK.

Enterprise-grade compliance and security

BL.INK boasts unmatched security to safeguard your links and meet the compliance needs of the most stringent, highly regulated industries. Your data is yours. Period. BL.INK believes that your data should not be publicly available, and we take the proper precautions to protect it. 

We are GDPR & CCPA compliant, we offer single-sign-on (SSO), and custom service-level agreements for Enterprise clients to ensure that your needs are delivered at each step.  Additionally, we offer audit logs, tiered user management, and optional security lockdown features for greater control including auto-provisioning and de-provisioning of accounts

Connect BL.INK to your existing tools with only a few clicks

BL.INK integrates directly with the most popular tools already in your stack. Connect with thousands of platforms via Zapier, Zoho Flow, Integrately. BL.INK also offers native integrations with Khoros, Sprinklr, and more to connect with your enterprise stack.

We also offer access to our robust API for link management within your own ecosystem and connect tools like messaging platforms or Salesforce. Our API was built to be open and ready to serve new ideas as fast as our brilliant customers can dream them up.

Manage, monitor, and measure your links

BL.INK creates an environment to manage every touch and monitor for accuracy and provides analytical insights to measure value and performance. We offer advanced, real-time analytics, reports, and exportable data to give you more insight into how your campaigns are performing.

We also realize that multiple checkpoints are valuable — so we offer integrations with third-party analytics to allow you to dig deeper into your data. Measure every engagement, owned, paid, or third-party – and know what clicks.

Manage your links with BL.INK


Better, smarter links

With BL.INK, you can bring teams, campaigns, and agencies together with a unified linking strategy. You’re able to leverage any domain name including .brand domains and nTLDs such as .news, .live, .social, and collaborate easily with users and teams across domains with multiple user roles and access permissions.

Our Dynamic Link feature allows you to create links that route your visitors to a destination based on different criteria like day of the week, date and time, location, language, device, and more. 

Present a single link that has a unique destination based on the rules and criteria you provide. Mobile versus Desktop; English or French; Campaign Expiration and beyond. Their limits are endless.

With our integrated reporting, you’ll get better, deeper insights into your link and campaign performance. Use searchable tags to consolidate campaign metrics and track clicks across platforms. 

“Best” support and service in the industry

BL.INK is reliable, available, and responsive. Our Enterprise clients receive customized training and onboarding to set you up for success. We’ll also provide your team with engineering resources, documentation, and enterprise service-level agreements to meet your specific needs. 

Our clients agree — we’re the best in the ‘biz

Creative and customizable solutions for unique pain points

BL.INK was built for the Enterprise and is embraced by leading brands. But we understand — no two clients are the same. 

Our platform works with you to meet the needs of your enterprise including product, collaboration, legal, compliance, procurement, billing, service-level agreements, and support. 


We’ll work with you — to build (and manage) better links. Don’t settle for a simple link shortener. Link with BL.INK.

Delivering Messaging Campaigns that Click 

In today’s market, standing out and being heard is on every marketer’s mind. BL.INK has compiled best practices across a number of customers to share the key elements of success that differentiate the best from the rest.