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The Google URL Shortener is Shutting Down, Can Help

In a recent blog, BL.INK’s Dannielle Cabler shares why it’s important for users to start evaluating options for when they lose access to, beginning March 30th, 2019. offers URL shortening powered by BL.INK to all of its customers. customers love being able to manage their domains AND links all in one place. And according to HubSpot, BL.INK is one of the most robust URL shortening platforms on the market.


Nothing Beats Branded Links

So why is it so great to use’s URL shortener powered by BL.INK? It’s simple: branded links. Branded links are the easiest way to promote your brand while gaining access to rich data. Branded links are more clickable, and reinforce your brand with every impression.


Most appealing, though, is that you own your domain, and also your links. This protects you from the pain of losing access again if a URL Shortener goes the way of Because shortened URLs are associated with your domain, not Google’s or Bitly’s, you can be certain that you’ll always be in control of your links.

Read’s full post on what to use instead of Google’s URL Shortener.

Delivering Messaging Campaigns that Click 

In today’s market, standing out and being heard is on every marketer’s mind. BL.INK has compiled best practices across a number of customers to share the key elements of success that differentiate the best from the rest.