googl url shortener replacement

Life After What to Look for in Your URL Shortener Replacement

The url shortening platform is going away, which means if you’re using it now, you have until March 30, 2019 to view your analytics and download a .csv file of your data. After that, according to the site, your previous links will still work as redirects, but you won’t be able to create […]

Ian Anderson Gray Webinar

Webinar: Tackling the Fear and Gear of Live Video with BL.INK Advisor Ian Anderson Gray

Eighty percent of consumers would rather watch a live video than read a blog post, according to a Livestream and New York Magazine survey. But there are a few things preventing many entrepreneurs and marketers from taking the plunge and going live.   In this webinar, BL.INK advisor and live video expert Ian Anderson Gray […]

Migrate url shortener to blink

Good-bye It’s Time to Make the Switch to BL.INK

Perhaps you’ve been using Google’s URL shortener and are struggling with their imminent demise. Perhaps you’re a Bitly user and tired / frustrated by the fact that your short links are promoting Bitly’s brand (not yours!). Whatever your reasons, perhaps it’s time for you to reconsider your short link options.   Perhaps it’s time to […]