Boosting your Brand and Upgrading Analytics with Root Page Settings

In today’s day and age, data is key. And it’s important to take every opportunity to better understand your audience. BL.INK makes it possible to gain even more insight into your audience using short links with your domain and your 404 page — which is an opportunity often overlooked. When configuring your domain to use […]

3 Unique Ways to Use Branded Short Links

In our last post in the BL.INK Basics series on Branded Short Links, we discussed the basics of short links, but now let’s take it a step further. We have a number of clients that use short links in unique ways — sometimes in ways that surprise us too! We wanted to share the wealth […]

BL.INK Basics: Branded Short Links

In this series, we’re going back to the basics to help you get a feel for what BL.INK’s all about. This series is intended to educate our current and potential clients on solutions we offer, features we’ve added, and to turn you into a link-shortening expert! We recognize that sometimes it helps to rewind a […]