How BL.INK Uses Short Links

How BL.INK uses branded short links

At BL.INK, we believe that every organization should use short links. The use cases across different organizations are often unique, but we try to lead by example. Today, we thought we’d share just a few of the ways we utilize branded short links in our day-to-day operations.  One of the ways we regularly use short […]

Using Short Links for Internal Communication

Using short links for internal communications

Short links have become a necessity for businesses to better connect with their audience and customers. More and more, large organizations are looking for new ways to utilize short links beyond customer engagement. One such example is using short links for internal communication between departments and employees. In large organizations, there can be hundreds or […]

QR codes in the news

QR Codes in the News

While the technology known as QR codes has been around since 1994, it was not widely adopted for commercial or consumer use until much more recently. As with any evolving technology, getting users to embrace the unfamiliar takes time.  With the upswing in usage of QR codes by consumers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, now is […]