How to use branded links in your content marketing strategy

If you stop to think about it, branded links should be a marketing no-brainer. Your brand is in the spotlight AND you get additional analytics —  what’s not to love about that? Unfortunately, branded links are often overlooked as a meaningful, memorable way to convey both valuable content and brand impressions.   Read on to […]

301 redirect 307 redirect - what's the difference and how to choose

301 vs 307 Redirects: How to Choose

A redirect is when one URL is forwarded (redirected) to another URL. When a user types a specific URL into their browser or clicks a link with that URL, they’re automatically redirected to the target URL. For example, if you had “” and you want visitors to go to “” instead, you could set up […]

Traffic from Ashburn Virginia

Why Do I Get so Much Click Traffic from Ashburn, Virginia?

In a recent company survey, just for fun, we asked what city our users were getting the most traffic from. Multiple responses replied: Ashburn, Virginia.   However, the users had no connection to the small town outside of Washington D.C., USA in northern Virginia.   So what party is happening in Ashburn, Viriginia? Why are […]