short links improve performance across your organization

Not Just for Social Media: How Short Links Improve Performance Across Your Organization

We’ve all seen short links in social media posts, where every character counts. But keeping things short and sweet is only as important as the memorability and the meaning of the links themselves. That’s because marketers and brands are recognizing the strategic value of this “last inch” of digital marketing. If your branded short link […]

referrer data explained

8 Reasons Your Referrer Data Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story

How did our audience find this page?   That’s one of every digital marketer’s most important questions. If you know where your audience comes from, you can leverage that information to drive  greater engagement.   Looking at referring traffic data is a natural place to start. However, referring traffic data may not be as reliable […]

8 innovative ways to use blink smart links

8 Innovative Ways to Use Smart Links

First off, what are Smart Links? Smart Links are short links made up of real, easy-to-read words. You simply add your long ugly link to BL.INK, and it spits out a Smart Link based on the content of the page. For example, this long string..   ..gets ‘automagically’ transformed to..   […]