referrer data explained

8 Reasons Your Referrer Data Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story

How did our audience find this page?   That’s one of every digital marketer’s most important questions. If you know where your audience comes from, you can leverage that information to drive  greater engagement.   Looking at referring traffic data is a natural place to start. However, referring traffic data may not be as reliable […]

8 innovative ways to use blink smart links

8 Innovative Ways to Use Smart Links

First off, what are Smart Links? Smart Links are short links made up of real, easy-to-read words. You simply add your long ugly link to BL.INK, and it spits out a Smart Link based on the content of the page. For example, this long string..   ..gets ‘automagically’ transformed to..   […]

using utm codes to track links

How to Use UTM Codes

Most social media marketers use Google Analytics in some capacity, but not everyone correctly tags and tracks their links using UTM parameters. If you learn how UTM codes work and create a plan to use them in your link strategy, they’ll help you answer key business questions such as:   Are my social media efforts […]