Using groups to collaborate with other users on link management

We’re so excited to announce our newest feature: groups. Enterprise users now have the ability to create personal and shared groups to collaborate with other users on link management.

Here at BL.INK, we love customer feedback. We welcome your ideas and suggestions for how BL.INK can better fit your needs. Many users have shared that the ability to collaborate more closely with other users on link management would offer a significant improvement to their workflows… so we added groups!

When you add a link to a group, any member of that group will be able to view, edit details, and access click data for that link. This allows for multiple editors to collaborate on links to ensure everyone has the access they need, when they need it.

Groups help to improve team collaboration

Enterprise users can create personal or shared groups to share link ownership and link management of specific links. 

BL.INK Groups

Personal groups are groups that are owned and managed by one group owner. Other users are not able to edit group details, settings, or users.

Shared groups allow other users to update group settings, add or remove users, or update group settings.

Add a group for your marketing team, customer success team, IT, sales, or HR. Or create a group with users from different team to enhance cross-departmental collaboration efforts even further.

Once a group has been created, it can be added to any link to share with other users under the group. This gives users in the group the ability to view the link, edit the link, or view the shared link’s click analytics.

Use groups to remove roadblocks or bottlenecks. For example, let’s say a user is on vacation. Groups and shared links allow for a different user to manage the link in the primary link owner’s absence.

Additionally, this helps with tracking clicks and analytics. With groups, any user that’s a part of the group can view the link’s analytics. Use groups to collaborate on special projects, share links with other team members around the world to expedite updates, or share responsibility for link management with a short-term project group or a global team.  

We are just getting started with our Group functionality so please share your ideas and feedback and keep an eye out for more features to accelerate your productivity!

For more information on groups, check out our support article.

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