Leader in URL Shortener

G2 Reviews Ranks BL.INK Leader in URL Shortener Category for Fall 2021

G2 is a popular tech marketplace, where users and businesses alike may rate, review, and discover technology and software services. BL.INK has partnered with G2 allowing our customers to publicly share their ratings and reviews of BL.INK (verified by the G2 team) to get a feel for how we’re doing. 


We always enjoy hearing from our customers about their BL.INK experience, and how their URL shortening and enterprise link management is transforming their organization.


We’re so pleased with the results and honored to report that BL.INK has received overwhelmingly positive reviews and has earned an impressive 10 badges in the URL Shortener category for Fall of 2021.

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The Highlights

Leader – URL Shortener

Products in the Leader quadrant in the Grid® Report are rated highly by G2 users and have substantial Satisfaction and Market Presence scores.”


The BL.INK team is so pleased to have earned this badge. After reading the reviews, it’s clear to see that our customers are happy with BL.INK — and if you’re happy, we’re happy. 

Internal Consultant in Hospitality
“Bl.ink really filled a gap for us. We had been using other short URL services but consistently ran out of short links. Their service allowed us to send quick and easy links through their API and set expiration dates so we never ran out of links. It was a game-changer for us and helped us achieve our goals.”


Best Support – URL Shortener

URL Shortener leader

“​​The Highest Quality of Support product in the Relationship Index earned the highest Quality of Support rating in its category.”


This is another award that means the absolute world to us! BL.INK believes in creating an exceptional customer experience — both with our product and with our client interactions.


Cameron H.
Digital Marketing Intern
Marketing and Advertising
“Bl.ink was able to be very attentive to the companies needs and wants. Every member of the team was very helpful and had a great understanding of the product so they would be able to explain it in simple terms for the average user.”


Easiest to do Business With – URL Shortener

best URL shortener

The Easiest Doing Business With product in the Relationship Index earned the highest Ease of Doing Business With rating in its category.”


This is another testament to the awesome BL.INK team — we strive to make each interaction efficient, impactful, and to over-deliver on our promise to be a trustworthy tool in your kit. 

Cliff M.
“I was expecting the normal run around and delays you get from other vendors. The response from Andy was fast and perfect. He actually took the time to read what I wrote, took immediate action, and responded with specific details about what he had done and what I could expect. It really was impeccable service that made me feel like an enterprise customer.”


Best Meets Requirements – URL Shortener

The Best Meets Requirements product in the Usability Index earned the highest Meets Requirements rating in its category.”


When considering a new product or service, it’s important to trust that you’re getting what you pay for. And we’re here to help — a number of our users shared the ways in which we solve their problems. We welcome unique use-cases and problem solving is one of our strong suits!

Joe C.
Director, Social Media
“Their platform is a great fit, because it enables us to work rapidly and independently but with greater consistency and quality across our multiple lines of business. BL.INK created URL builders that simplify the creation of tracking links, and the team has helped connect data exports to our reporting dashboards.”


Easiest Admin – URL Shortener

easiest admin URL shortener

The Easiest Admin product in the Usability Index earned the highest Ease of Admin rating in its category.”


BL.INK was built for the enterprise. With efficiency and accuracy in mind, we wanted to make sure our platform was easy to use and intuitive to navigate while giving you the tools you need to succeed. 

Matthew J.
“What I really love about Blink is its feature set and ease of use. Some other link shorteners don’t offer features like link masking for example, but Blink does. I found it easy to set up my domains and track stats of every link.”


And we’re always looking for opportunities to improve — our public roadmap allows our users to make requests and track the progress of new features!


…And More Awards!

Leader in URL Shortener

We just wanted to take a moment to thank you — we’re so proud of the results, and what we’ve built with BL.INK. But without you, we wouldn’t be here! Want to read the reviews behind the scores, click here to view our page at G2 and enjoy the feedback or share your own!

Here’s to another exciting Q4 — any many more!

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