Client Spotlight: Coca-Cola

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Coca-Cola is the world’s largest beverage company and has been a BL.INK client since 2009. Coca-Cola, operating in over 200 countries around the world, has to stay in compliance with local regulations while keeping production streamlined.


The Coca-Cola Challenge

Coca-Cola came to BL.INK while researching compliance with Canadian law. The law requires product packaging to include both English and French content. 


Under these regulations, they would need to include two QR codes (one routing to English content, the other to French) on a beverage bottle where space is limited. But, having two QR codes so close together would make it challenging for consumers to scan only one at a time.


The BL.INK Solution

The BL.INK platform already offered customized rule-based link routing, but we hadn’t offered rules based specifically on language…yet. When we heard our client’s dilemma regarding double QR code scanning, we knew there was a better way. 


Our solution? Language-based, dynamic link routing.


We created and released this feature in under 48 hours, allowing our client to set a rule to detect the language setting within their user’s device and route them to the correct version of the link seamlessly. 


With dynamic links, only one QR code is needed! Coca-Cola didn’t have to modify their packaging design, and a landing page asking for a language choice never has to come between their audience and their content — resulting in higher engagement, lower page abandonment rates, and prettier packaging. 


Coca-Cola also uses dynamic link routing to point users to the correct app store based on their device’s operating system. It was a simple fix with powerful results.



The cherry on top: Using BL.INK to track vending machine sales

Coca-Cola soon discovered that BL.INK’s power goes way beyond QR codes and social media marketing. They have also implemented BL.INK links right inside their Coca-Cola Freestyle vending machine — giving them unprecedented, real-time insight into where and how their products are being purchased.

The machines tie the BL.INK short links to individual product sales, seamlessly tracking every purchase type and location by machine IP address. 


Today, you will find Coca-Cola short links, powered by BL.INK on product packaging, vending units, soda fountains, customer promotions, social media, text messaging campaigns, and more across the globe in nearly every major market. 


Our Enterprise tier is designed to scale to the needs of your business. Request a quote to see if BL.INK is right for you.

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