Collaboration in marketing campaigns, QR codes, & link management

Collaboration in marketing campaigns, QR codes, & link management

In enterprise organizations, it is critical for departments and brands to communicate and coordinate with each other effectively and efficiently. Utilizing a platform that allows you to create and manage short links and QR codes for marketing makes it easy to collaborate in marketing campaigns! BL.INK branded short links enable you to create short, trackable […]

7 Creative Ways to Use QR Codes in Your Holiday Marketing

7 Ways to Use QR Codes in Your Holiday Marketing

If you’re looking for some creative ways to use QR codes in your holiday marketing, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we will discuss how QR codes can be used to increase sales during Black Friday and the holiday shopping season. We’ll also talk about how QR codes can be used […]

Why Short Links Matter For Social Media Campaigns

Why Short Links Matter for Social Media Campaigns

Link management and short links are integral to the success of social media campaigns. BL.INK is a link management platform that allows users to create, edit, manage, and track shortened, branded links. When creating short links for social media, brevity, branding, and tracking are all important factors to consider. In BL.INK, you can add a […]

SMS vs. email and how to incorporate branded short links in your marketing strategy

SMS vs. email and incorporating branded short links in your marketing strategy

The question should not be “should I use SMS marketing or email marketing?”, it should be “when should I use both mediums, how can I optimize the results I get from each?”. Both SMS marketing and email marketing have proved to be effective. However, there’s a certain time and place for each one within an […]

BL.INK Basics: URLBuilder. Ditch the spreadsheets and build consistent, trackable, and click-worthy links every time.

In this series, we’re going back to the basics to help you get a feel for what BL.INK’s all about. This series is intended to educate our current and potential clients on solutions we offer, features we’ve added, and to turn you into a link-shortening expert!   One of the biggest questions we have heard […]

New: BL.INK Integration with Zoho Flow

  We’re pleased to announce a new integration with Zoho Flow! This integration connects BL.INK to hundreds of other apps you already use, including Asana, WordPress, Slack, Twitter, Basecamp, and Dropbox.  Set up workflow automations based on the triggers you specify, such as when a new domain is created in BL.INK or when a new […]

URL Shortening Best Practices

It’s one thing to shorten a URL. It’s another thing to create a branded short link that boosts your brand, increases the ROI of your content, and simplifies reporting.    Here’s a list of 10 smart ways our customers use branded short URLs to boost their business. Most link shorteners create short links with their […]

branded urls can build your brand by creating brand impressions

How Choosing the Right URLs Can Build Your Brand

When you wake up in the morning, what’s your first engagement with a brand? Maybe it’s the glimpse of the Apple logo on the back of your iPhone as you turn off your alarm, the Dove soap in your shower, or the roast description on your bag of Starbucks coffee beans.   The average person […]

6 reasons enterprise teams love blink

6 Reasons Enterprise Teams Love BL.INK

URL shortening platforms aren’t “one size fits all.” While some may be great for smaller businesses, they just don’t meet the needs of enterprise teams.   While BL.INK can be used for all types of businesses, it was developed in 2008 specifically for enterprise clients, with their unique needs for security, service, and value in […]

url shortener public marketing data

Using A Legacy URL Shortener? Your Marketing Data May Be Public

Do you share your website analytics or advertising campaign performance with your competitors, customers, and the general public?   That’s an absurd question. Of course not! But unless you’re actively taking steps to protect that information, your answer defaults to “yes.”   As marketers, we assume that our go-to tools keep our analytics private. However, […]