Custom QR Codes are more than a B2C marketing tool

QR codes: More than a B2C marketing tool

I travel all over the world for various reasons, mostly for work. My wife and I have roles that need face-to-face attention and therefore, we stay at hundreds of hotels and cruise ships. What is the most important requirement in a hotel? Soft sheets. Let me explain… Can you remember a time when you slipped […]

BL.INK Groups improve collaboration efforts on link management

Using groups to collaborate with other users on link management

We’re so excited to announce our newest feature: groups. Enterprise users now have the ability to create personal and shared groups to collaborate with other users on link management. Here at BL.INK, we love customer feedback. We welcome your ideas and suggestions for how BL.INK can better fit your needs. Many users have shared that […]

Segment your short links by market with Market Domains

Segment your short links by market with Market Domains

BL.INK is ecstatic to announce the rollout of a new feature: Market Domains. Market Domains allow BL.INK users to add a base domain AND the market prefix as a separate domain in their account. For example: Corporate: France: Spain: Germany:   Each of these variations is added as a separate domain […]

G2 Reviews Ranks BL.INK Leader in URL Shortener Category for Fall 2021

G2 is a popular tech marketplace, where users and businesses alike may rate, review, and discover technology and software services. BL.INK has partnered with G2 allowing our customers to publicly share their ratings and reviews of BL.INK (verified by the G2 team) to get a feel for how we’re doing.    We always enjoy hearing […]

60% -70% of survey respondants opted for short links using real words

New Research Reveals Strong User Preferences for Short Links Using Real Words

Donuts Inc., the global leader in high-quality, new top-level Internet domains, announced the results of a third-party online survey assessing Internet link sharing and user preferences. The objectives of the survey, conducted by Sapio Research and commissioned by Donuts, were to assess user behaviors and compare their preferences for traditional long links, branded short links […]

BL.INK Q1 2019 Product Updates

We kicked off 2019 by improving BL.INK for our customers, and we’re just getting started! Our goal is to deliver the most flexible and robust URL shortener and link management platform to businesses of all sizes. Read on to learn how we’ve improved BL.INK in Q1. We heard you! Many customers love the ability to […]

SSL on BL.INK Links

SSL Is Here For Custom Domains

Security is a top priority at BL.INK, which is why we have added SSL certificates to BL.INK branded short links. Whether you’re a “solopreneur” or a large enterprise, sharing a secure link with your audience indicates that your brand values online safety because your brand encrypts customer engagement from start to finish. According to the […] Launches BL.INK: Branded URL Shortener

Enables SMB Customers to Create Branded Short Links that are Memorable, Meaningful, and Drive More Clicks Austin and Denver – October 16, 2018 –, a leading domain name registrar, and BL.INK, a short link solution that uniquely leverages the power of real words, today announced the launch of BL.INK at BL.INK is an […]


Connect BL.INK to Over 1,000 Apps with Zapier

These days, life is too complicated, especially if you’re a marketer and must justify every campaign, every program, and every technology purchase with metrics that demonstrate ROI. That means you likely have dozens of apps that you use – day in and out – to make your marketing magic happen. How many times each day […]

Upcoming Webinar: Everyday Behavioral Science for Digital Marketers

Join BL.INK Advisor Brian Massey, founder of Conversion Sciences, for an interactive session on how marketers can leverage data to maximize conversion.  Brian founded one of the first agencies focused exclusively on website optimization, Conversion Sciences. Today, he teaches marketers how to integrate behavioral science into their everyday work. He’s seen the results of thousands […]