BL.INK Q1 2019 Product Updates

URL Shortener and Link Management Platform Updates

We kicked off 2019 by improving BL.INK for our customers, and we’re just getting started! Our goal is to deliver the most flexible and robust URL shortener and link management platform to businesses of all sizes. Read on to learn how we’ve improved BL.INK in Q1.

New Customer-Requested Feature: Unarchive Links

We heard you! Many customers love the ability to archive links when campaigns wrap up, but what happens if you want to put a star player back in the game? Now BL.INK users can reactivate archived links without losing data by creating another link. To unarchive a link, simply go to “My Links”, select the link you want to reactivate and click within the banner to unarchive.

BL.INK unarchive url shortener

SMB and Team Plans Get Even More Dynamic Links

Dynamic links allow you to route visitors to the best experience for them, all with one link. You can segment and route traffic by device type, language, and date in order to send each visitor to the most relevant destination. Now, SMB and Team Plan users can make even more dynamic links every month.

New Responsive Platform Website

We strive to deliver the most flexible link management solution to our customers. In addition to our iOS App, users can now access the same BL.INK platform experience across devices with even more ease, thanks to our new responsive update.

Buying Domains On BL.INK Is Even Easier

Short URLs just aren’t about being short anymore, they are a tool to help brands build trust and convey meaning with every link they share. Choosing the right domain helps you build your brand, which is why we made it even easier for BL.INK users to acquire new domains for creating meaningful and memorable links.

Unlimited Redirects

BL.INK offers a wide range of plans in order to make URL shortening and link management accessible to businesses of all sizes. No matter which plan you have, your BL.INK links will always send users to the intended destination. BL.INK links will work even if you exceed the number of clicks tracked on your plan type. For example, if your plan tracks 1,000 clicks per link, BL.INK will store data pertaining to the first 1,000 clicks, but stop capturing click data starting with click 1,001. For all clicks after you exceed the click tracking limit, the link will function as a redirect, so you will never experience a loss in traffic due to a broken link.

Upgrade Your Account

Don’t want to miss the opportunity to collect click data? If you find you are exceeding the number of clicks tracked per link, you can upgrade to the next plan level and capture even more data. Simply upgrade your plan in your account settings.

We’re looking forward to bringing customers even more innovation in Q2. Subscribe to the blog or follow BL.INK on Twitter to stay up to date on the latest news.

Delivering Messaging Campaigns that Click 

In today’s market, standing out and being heard is on every marketer’s mind. BL.INK has compiled best practices across a number of customers to share the key elements of success that differentiate the best from the rest.