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Digital Summit Seattle Recap

BL.INK was proud to sponsor Digital Summit Seattle 2019. We enjoyed hearing speakers on a range of topics, from storytelling through video to email marketing optimization. We learned that many attendees are using URL shorteners and shared with them how BL.INK can make their short links work harder. Attendees we spoke with hailed from Zillow, […]

6 Reasons Enterprise Teams Love BL.INK

6 reasons enterprise teams love blink

URL shortening platforms aren’t “one size fits all.” While some may be great for smaller businesses, they just don’t meet the needs of enterprise teams.   While BL.INK can be used for all types of businesses, it was developed in 2008 specifically for enterprise clients, with their unique needs for security, service, and value in […]

Upgrading from Goo.gl to BL.INK

googl url shortener vs blink

If you’ve ever used the Goo.gle URL shortener, you’re probably aware that after March 30, 2019, your short link information is going to be inaccessible. Here’s the alert that’s currently posted on the Goo.gl home page (as of January): Before you dive into online research on alternatives, make sure you’re clear on what you actually […]

Using A Legacy URL Shortener? Your Marketing Data May Be Public

url shortener public marketing data

Do you share your website analytics or advertising campaign performance with your competitors, customers, and the general public?   That’s an absurd question. Of course not! But unless you’re actively taking steps to protect that information, your answer defaults to “yes.”   As marketers, we assume that our go-to tools keep our analytics private. However, […]

Life After Goo.gl: What to Look for in Your URL Shortener Replacement

googl url shortener replacement

The Goo.gl URL shortening platform is going away, which means if you’re using it now, you have until March 30, 2019 to view your analytics and download a .csv file of your data. After that, according to the goo.gl site, your previous links will still work as redirects, but you won’t be able to create […]

Good-bye Goo.gl: It’s Time to Make the Switch to BLINK

Migrate goo.gl url shortener to blink

Perhaps you’ve been using Google’s URL shortener and are struggling with their imminent demise. Perhaps you’re a Bitly user and tired / frustrated by the fact that your short links are promoting Bitly’s brand (not yours!). Whatever your reasons, perhaps it’s time for you to reconsider your short link options.   Perhaps it’s time to […]