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Breaking Down The 6 C’s of Enterprise Link Management

When choosing an enterprise link management platform, BL.INK recommends considering the 6 C’s: collaboration, compliance, creativity, central platform, connection to your existing tools, and consistency. We’ll break down the 6 C’s below so that you can feel confident in choosing the right platform for your organization’s needs.

Collaboration across teams, departments, and brands

The right link management platform should not only allow for multiple users to work together, but it should enhance and improve collaboration efforts cross-departmentally throughout your entire organization.

Collaboration is a central pillar of the BL.INK platform. With groups and shared links, enterprise users are able to share ownership of a link so that any group member can make edits or view a link’s analytics.

Groups make shared link ownership a reality, so that if the primary link owner is on vacation, another link owner can log in to BL.INK and edit or view the link so that projects keep going even when teammates are out of the office.

Compliance that meets enterprise standards

Compliance is often the most important piece of the puzzle for enterprise clients when it comes to choosing the right link management platform.

BL.INK is able to support organizations with the most stringent of compliance requirements. Whether these standards are set by your IT department, legal team, or HR department, we prioritize meeting your needs to keep your links, users, and organization safe and secure.

Creativity in linking

The BL.INK platform was built to be flexible. No two of our customers use BL.INK exactly the same way.

We pride ourselves on our malleable platform that’s capable of expanding and evolving in the same way your business and use cases do. We’ve had customers for over 10 years that have used our platform through many different stages of growth. With each state, we’re able to grow with them.

BL.INK understands that use cases evolve, and needs grow as the world shifts and changes. We built our platform to evolve with you. We’ll work with you to come up with creative solutions to ever-changing challenges.

Central platform for all users

Some of our clients have a small group of users that manage their links, and others have their entire organization of thousands of employees utilizing the BL.INK platform simultaneously.

BL.INK offers the ability to manage individual user access and roles with tiered permissions. We work with you and your internal governance guidelines to facilitate a structure that works for your organization.

For enterprise clients, we offer the ability to add on auto-provisioning and de-provisioning so that as employees come and go from your organization, we’re keeping your BL.INK account as up to date as possible.

Connecting to your existing tools

BL.INK integrates directly with the most popular tools that are already in your stack. We also offer access to our robust API for link management within your own ecosystem, allowing for the connection of messaging platforms or customer relationship management tools like Salesforce.

Our API was built to be open and ready to serve new ideas as fast as our brilliant customers can dream them up.

We offer the flexibility to integrate with tools like Tableau, Domo, Google Analytics, or Dolby Analytics for all of your reporting needs. BL.INK can also integrate with your social media management platforms like SocialBee, Sprinklr, or Khoros, CMS, CRM, or data warehouses.

With everything connected and running seamlessly, you’ll have everything under one roof, making link management a breeze. You’ll be able to create the perfect link – every time.

Consistency across links and campaigns

The BL.INK URLBuilder allows you to standardize link creation across multiple teams, brands, or departments. Any user can build consistent, trackable links with proper attribution in only a few clicks.

Having a single organizational structure for creating all of your short links will create consistency across all links created across users, teams, departments, and agencies around the globe.

In Conclusion

When searching for the right enterprise link management platform, there are several things to consider. The BL.INK C’s are intended to help you prioritize your needs and narrow down on which platform will best suit your needs.

Whether you choose BL.INK, or another link management platform, remember the BL.INK C’s: collaboration, compliance, creativity, central platform, connection to existing tools, and consistency in links and campaigns.

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